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Study: Homeopathy and Tonsillitis 1

Study: Homeopathy and Tonsillitis

Compared to the placebo group, the pain and inflammation of viral tonsillitis improved significantly and without adverse events in the homeopathic group.

Study: Homeopathy and Fibromyalgia 2

Study: Homeopathy and Fibromyalgia

Patients reported significant improvements in pain, quality of life and overall health with homeopathy. The tendency to depression was also reduced.

Homeopathy: The Early Days 3

Homeopathy: The Early Days

One of our homeopaths said: ‘Once I didn’t think very highly of homeopathy. It seemed quaint, old-fashioned and if at all useful, only for the most minor of complaints...”

The Right Remedy for the Job 4

The Right Remedy for the Job

Stuck on Christmas gift ideas? Certain remedies have an affinity for different skill-sets - athletes, bartenders, carpenters, and so on, so why not personalise a gift this year!

Homeopathy for Indigestion 5

Homeopathy for Indigestion

Compare the conventional and homeopathic approach to indigestion. Information on 18 remedies homeopaths use again and again for its treatment is included.

Study: Chronic Back Pain Improves with Homeopathy 6

Study: Chronic Back Pain Improves with Homeopathy

In this study, 129 patients with prolonged low back pain - plus a number of other chronic diseases - were evaluated over a 2-year-period to see if homeopathy relieved their symptoms.

Brawls, Falls and Homeopathy 7

Brawls, Falls and Homeopathy

Remedies for fractures: "Brett’s face was grotesquely swollen and already black and blue from the bruising. His jaw was broken in two places and several teeth were missing..."

Remedies for Finger Joint Pain 8

Remedies for Finger Joint Pain

Joint pain differs from person to person and so will need different remedies from person to person. Here's a list of common ones for sore and aching pinkies.

Homeopathy for Animal Bites 9

Homeopathy for Animal Bites

Dogs Naturally have pulled together six homeopathic remedies for your fur-baby to reduce their risk of infection from a bite and to ease its pain and swelling.