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Middle Ear Infection

Any parent of a child who has suffered an ear infection knows how painful and distressing a condition it can be. Middle ear infection (Otitis Media) is a common problem, …

The right remedy for the job

Have you ever thought of how different jobs need different remedies? Carpenters, for example, are prone to whacking their thumbs with hammers or taking a blow from beams of wood. …

Homeopathy after a Pub Fight

Homeopathy and Fractures An interesting aspect of homeopathy is that the more intense and acute the complaint, the more rapidly improvement is likely to take place.  This is seen in …

Pilot Study: Homeopathy for Acute Viral Tonsillitis

Homeopathic Complex and Viral Tonsillitis Pilot Study Compared to placebo, the homeopathic treatment group reported significant improvement in the pain and inflammation caused by their viral tonsillitis. No adverse effects …

Remedies for Lower Back Pain

15 remedies for different types of back pain – pain on movement, pain with weakness, constricting or cramping pain, and more. Choose the remedy that suits your type of pain

Study: Chronic back pain improves with homeopathy

Most people don’t think of homeopathy for musculoskeletal problems, but the research shows it is surprisingly effective. In this observational study, the effectiveness of individualised homeopathy for longstanding lower back pain, and a range …

Homeopathy for Migraine

Migraines – they are among the worst of headaches but homeopathy relieves the pain and reduces frequency. A Dr lists five common remedies that may clear them completely.