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Tutorial 15 - What to Expect (Part A) 1

Tutorial 15 – What to Expect (Part A)

Results vary from person to person with homeopathic treatment. Some results are dramatic and profound while others are mild or almost unnoticeable. We explain why.

Homeopathy for Brian 2

Homeopathy for Brian

At 65-years, Brian was suffering from crippling anxiety, digestive bloating, colic, profuse sweating, dry flaking skin, back pain and poor sleep. One remedy made a big difference.

Tutorial 13 - Finding a Good Homeopath 3

Tutorial 13 – Finding a Good Homeopath

A common question is, “How do I find a good homeopath?” With many therapists incorporating remedies into their modality it can be difficult to identify the professional homeopath.

Video: 'Proving' Research 6

Video: ‘Proving’ Research

“He experiments on healthy volunteers to uncover the symptoms a remedy causes because, based on the principle of ‘like cures like’, what a remedy causes it can also cure.”

Remedy: Laurocerasus (Laur.) 7

Remedy: Laurocerasus (Laur.)

Prepared from the leaves of the cherry laurel tree, this remedy has been used for types of cardiac and respiratory disorders with coexisting coldness, weakness, and collapse.

Wheat and Dairy Allergy 9

Wheat and Dairy Allergy

The two main reasons people give for using homeopathy are that it’s safe, and that it works. But what about those with a wheat or dairy intolerance – can they still use remedies?

Three ways we can help.