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60 Reasons for Homeopathy 5

60 Reasons for Homeopathy

One remedy covers many different symptoms … remedies have no chemical side effects … they are non-addictive. What other reasons can you think of?

Homeopathic Treatment of Children 6

Homeopathic Treatment of Children

It is relatively inexpensive, tastes nice, and has an enviable safety record which makes it easy to use during all stages of pregnancy, lactation, infancy and childhood.

Recipe: Arnica Salves. 7

Recipe: Arnica Salves.

Potentisation increases the effectiveness and safety of a remedy but crude herbal doses work as well. Here are simple instructions for creating arnica and cayenne pepper salves. 

Homeopathy: Safe and cost-effective 8

Homeopathy: Safe and cost-effective

A doctor’s review has found homeopathy is popular because it is safe and cost-effective; it reduces the need for more expensive treatments and doesn’t have harmful side-effects.

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