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Arnica for Rhinoplasty? 2

Arnica for Rhinoplasty?

Bruising and swelling are to be expected following a ‘nose job’. Plastic surgeons often use Arnica but does it help and how does it compare to prescribed steroids?

Know Your Remedies: Apis Mellifica (Apis.) 3

Know Your Remedies: Apis Mellifica (Apis.)

Apis treats symptoms similar to those of a bee sting – swelling, burning, prickling, stinging, and redness. These may arise from a bite, sting, allergic reaction, or even joint inflammation.

Remedies for Heel Pain 4

Remedies for Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs produce troubling pain, cramping, numbness, and swelling. A good match with one of these remedies can have you up and walking again.

Know Your Remedies: Kreosotum (Kreos.) 5

Know Your Remedies: Kreosotum (Kreos.)

Kreosotum (Kreos.) is an important remedy for menstrual and hormonal disturbances and excoriating, acrid, offensive discharges that cause swelling and inflammation of the affected area.

Homeopathy for Poison Ivy 7

Homeopathy for Poison Ivy

Where to turn when hit with poison ivy? Homeopathy has remedies for the swelling, intense itchiness, yellowish symptoms, sticky discharges, and more. 

Homeopathy for Mastitis 8

Homeopathy for Mastitis

Mastitis – inflammation or infection of the breast – feels like the flu and causes fever, aches and pains. Here’s a list of helpful remedies and a comparison of treatment approaches.

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