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UK: BREXIT and Natural Health 2

UK: BREXIT and Natural Health

“We are hoping that if we get Brexit, the EU directives that have banned our natural health products … can be repealed, and once again, our natural health industry can flourish!”

Ebola Virus - an untreatable disease? 4

Ebola Virus – an untreatable disease?

Steve Scrutton from the UK makes an interesting point when he argues that just because Ebola cannot be treated by conventional medicine, it doesn’t automatically mean it can’t be treated …

Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital Petition 6

Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital Petition

You may remember the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in the UK has been under fire recently, with anti-homeopathy groups lobbying to have it closed. The petition to shut down the Glasgow …

The Professor and the Dame 7

The Professor and the Dame

According to recent media reports the UK Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davis has branded homeopathy “rubbish” and its practitioners “peddlars”. Dr Lionel R Milgrom (BSc, MSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC, …

Majority Support for Homeopathy 8

Majority Support for Homeopathy

In spite of the best efforts of skeptic groups, research shows they have had little influence on public opinion in Britain. People obviously continue with good treatment.

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