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A Day in a Homeopath's Clinic 1

A Day in a Homeopath’s Clinic

People often wonder what sort of things homeopaths treat in their clinics. To answer this question we asked one of our homeopaths to share her notes from a typical clinic day

Study: Breast Cancer Research 3

Study: Breast Cancer Research

Homeopathy demonstrated a similar effect to chemotherapy on breast cancer cells in this study but without injurious effects on normal cells.

Angie's Belladonna Flu 4

Angie’s Belladonna Flu

The flu hit Angie fast. Her high fever, throbbing headache, glistening eyes, hot flushed face, and the rapid onset of her symptoms suited Belladonna. Here’s what happened next.

Actium's Lipoma, & Homeopathy 5

Actium’s Lipoma, & Homeopathy

Actium the budgerigar had a lipoma – a fatty tumour growing on his chest. The vet said surgery would be risky and likely result in death so homeopathy was used instead. What a result!

Homeopathy & Arsenic Poisoning 6

Homeopathy & Arsenic Poisoning

Millions of people drink ground water contaminated with arsenic. Many suffer from low-grade chronic poisoning with no easy way of treating it … except by homeopathy.

Know Your Remedies: Stramonium (Stram.) 7

Know Your Remedies: Stramonium (Stram.)

Stramonium is a remedy for symptoms arising from terror, suppressed anger, or neurological injury. Stammering, spasms, fear of the dark, and light sensitivity are key symptoms.

Q. Which Potency Should I Choose? 8

Q. Which Potency Should I Choose?

Are you suffering from a simple complaint that could be easily treated at home? These guidelines offer information on which homeopathic potency would be useful, and why.

You Too Can Test Homeopathy 9

You Too Can Test Homeopathy

For those who doubt, here’s a simple homeopathic experiment to try at home. All you need is a few bean seeds and one remedy. You can even make the remedy yourself.

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