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Wheat and Dairy Allergy 3

Wheat and Dairy Allergy

The two main reasons people give for using homeopathy are that it’s safe, and that it works. But what about those with a wheat or dairy intolerance – can they still use it?

Know Your Remedies: Graphites (Graph.) 4

Know Your Remedies: Graphites (Graph.)

Graphites is a remedy for anxiety and types of skin complaints. Those needing it are often chilly, prone to obesity, and dislike sweet things – especially with meat. Sound familiar?

Silica – The Gardener’s Friend 5

Silica – The Gardener’s Friend

No other remedy has the reputation for doing so much in the garden. It reputedly improves water absorption, improves weak growth, and protects against transplant shock.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases 9

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

People still die from epidemic diseases such as malaria and Japanese encephalitis yet some Governments choose homeopathy to prevent them. Which ones, and what for?

Three ways we can help.