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Coffee Helps a Sleepless Husband 1

Coffee Helps a Sleepless Husband

“My husband can’t sleep at night unless he has a cup of coffee. I’ve told him it’s the homeopathic effect but he just laughs. Am I right?”

Common Cold Treatments 2

Common Cold Treatments

Those up north have moved into the cooler months of sneezes and sniffles. Discover simple self-help treatments found in kitchen cupboards. Learn about remedies for colds.

Study: Allergies Improve 4

Study: Allergies Improve

Individualised homeopathy for allergy sufferers led to significant improvement in allergy symptoms. There were no side-effects and their use of conventional drugs, substantially reduced.

Remedy Stop Working? 5

Remedy Stop Working?

Q. Why does a homeopathic remedy stop working after producing good results for months? There are two main reasons and we discuss both.

Study: Alcoholism Reduced 6

Study: Alcoholism Reduced

An Indian pilot study translated into English provides an interesting insight into what is possible when alcoholism is treated by homeopathy.

Know Your Remedies: Sulphur (Sulph.) 7

Know Your Remedies: Sulphur (Sulph.)

Those who need Sulphur are typically warm-blooded individuals who may have a “ragged philosopher” reputation because of their expansive ideas and lack of attention to appearance.

Are Bach Flowers Homeopathic? 8

Are Bach Flowers Homeopathic?

The answer is yes, and no. Learn the what, when, and why of Bach flower remedies – how they’re similar to homeopathy, and their areas of difference.

Using Homeopathy to 'Detox' 9

Using Homeopathy to ‘Detox’

We’re often asked how to ‘detox’ heavy metals from the body with homeopathic remedies. Three emails sent to one enquirer have thought-provoking information.

Three ways we can help.