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We can't always be lazy like a cat, so how can homeopathy help?

Homeopathy and Laziness

Procrastination and laziness. We've all succumbed to them... we have the ability, time, and resources to complete a task... so what's stopping us?

Osteomyelitis ... Until Homeopathy 1

Osteomyelitis … Until Homeopathy

63-year-old Ron was battling a bone infection that doctors had struggled to treat for 19 years. That struggle ended with homeopathy.

Know Your Remedies: China Officinalis (Chin.) 2

Know Your Remedies: China Officinalis (Chin.)

A useful remedy for exhaustion, weakness, anaemia, headache, and digestive upsets that arise from loss of body fluids. Those who need China are also sensitive to the cold.

Tadpole Research and Remedies 3

Tadpole Research and Remedies

Research demonstrated that a potentised remedy could affect tadpole growth and that remedy effects were altered by mobile (cell) phone and microwave oven emissions.

Man smoking a cigarette

Homeopathy for Smoking

Tobacco is used and abused around the world. It's a major risk factor for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory illness. Does homeopathy have an answer?

The Drug Rocket vs the Homeopathic Sail 4

The Drug Rocket vs the Homeopathic Sail

What’s the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine (or allopathy)? Here’s a metaphor that may help explain it.

Kaviraj on Fleas, Termites & More 5

Kaviraj on Fleas, Termites & More

Kaviraj focussed on remedies for plants but he was also asked about eucalyptus toxins, termites, rats, flea-infested cats, white fly, and more. Here's what he said.

Know Your Remedies: Pyrogenium (Pyrog.) 6

Know Your Remedies: Pyrogenium (Pyrog.)

It's no surprise that a remedy originally prepared from rotting meat is now used for severe infections with putrid and offensive discharges. For some, it has literally been a life-saver.

Studies: Preparing for Radiation 7

Studies: Preparing for Radiation

Going for an X-ray, CT scan, mammogram or fluoroscopy? Here's two studies in which homeopathy protected against radiation exposure, showing homeopathy is not just about treatment.