Dental Homeopathy vs Steroids

A study involving patients with oral lichen planus, submucous fibrosis, and trigeminal neuralgia showed homeopathy could reduce and replace the use of steroids and their side-effects.

Australia: TGA Under Siege

“This is a vast number of documents and reveals the extent to which the TGA is being pressured by this extreme group”, said a Your Health Your Choice spokesperson.

Our Health and Vaccines (AVN 13/16)

Children’s Immunisation Schedules Australia “Some may think the growth in the schedule is a good thing – today’s medical technology is giving us the best protection possible from infectious diseases.” …

Homeopathy for School Children

The good doctors from the BHA share remedies for return-to-school upsets. Whether it’s the child in tears or the mums and dads at the school fence, homeopathy has it covered.

Part 2: Snake-kingdom

“By dilution of the snake venom the poisonous essence was removed, and by succussion a curative homeopathic remedy produced.” Homeopathic remedy Lachesis muta.

Research: Homeopathy for Infections

Have you, or one of your children, ever had an ear infection? If so, you’ll know the urgency of treating the pain and inflammation as quickly as possible. Fortunately, homeopathy …

Our Health and Vaccines (AVN 12/16)

“Infectious deaths fell before widespread vaccination was implemented” – Professor Fiona Stanley, Australian of the Year (2003), Child Health Since Federation, 2001.   (Reprinted with permission from the Australian Vaccination-risks …

Homeopathy for Mouth Ulcers

Conventional medicine says its treatment options for mouth ulcers, “will not stop you developing new mouth ulcers in the future”. With homeopathy, you can expect more than that.