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Remedies for Asthma

Here’s a comparison between the homeopathic and conventional approach to asthma – strengths and weaknesses – plus a list of traditional remedies and links to research.

Epistaxis and Homeopathy

Which remedy would you reach for to relieve a bleeding nose? There’s a lot to choose from. Here’s a partial list of 24 – just match the remedy to your symptoms. 

Case Report from the late 1800s

“There seemed no chance of a cure, and an operation had been declared to be impossible, evidently because of the position and size of the tumour…” 

Homeopathy for Blepharitis

This article compares the difference between homeopathic and conventional treatments for red, itchy, and sore eyelids. A list of remedies with matching symptoms is included.

Homeopathy for Vaginal Thrush

Thrush is uncomfortable and annoying. This article compares the homeopathic and conventional approach to this problem and provides a list of research and suitable remedies.