Homeopathy for Infected Wounds

Five case reports tell how homeopathy met the challenge of infected wounds, lacerations, bites, cellulitis, and more. Just what we need in these days of increasing antibiotic resistance.

Magic Pills Film Update

Ananda More hopes her new film ‘Magic Pills’ will act as a catalyst for increased awareness about homeopathy. Read her latest update on where and when we can expect to see it.

Evidence of Homeopathy

11 meta-analyses and 7 systematic reviews provide a bedrock of evidence for the safe and effective treatment of health problems by homeopathy. Take a look..

Study: Homeopathy & Menopause

70% of patients treated with homeopathy for symptoms such as hot flushes, profuse sweating, mood swings, irritability and sleep disturbances reported improvement.

Homeopathy for Better Digestion

Suffering from the stomach flu, diarrhoea, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease or haemorrhoids? Here’s some helpful pointers for case taking, potency selection and more.

Exams Don’t Have to Be Stressful

A carefully chosen homeopathic remedy that matches the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms of the individual can do wonders in combatting exam stress.

“Back To School Anxiety” Help

Match the symptoms of sensitivity, anticipatory anxiety, loose stools, sluggishness, and more with a remedy to help relieve that troubling anxiety.

Remedies for Animal Upsets

Do you have an oversexed billy goat, a biting pig, or a spiteful cat? This list suggests remedies for these and other problems such as anger, violence, kicking and more.

Why Homeopathy for Vitiligo?

Because it’s one of the best ways to safely stimulate re-pigmentation, and reverse symptoms. Read a comparison of other treatment options for this all too common condition.