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Anti-Snails & Slugs Remedy

Homeopaths have discovered that a simple homeopathic remedy safely protects plants and crops from hungry snails and slugs. The remedy’s name is Helix tosta and it’s prepared, surprisingly, from toasted snail …

The Top Four Remedies for Gardens and Farms

Looking for something to keep the caterpillars off your veggies, snails away from your plants, and aphids off your vines? Homeopathy will do just that. It’s easy to use, saves …

Treating Plants with Homeopathy

What does any self-respecting homeopath do when his or her tomato plant is struck down by blight? Reach for the “corpse reviver” of course! Find out why, how, and when.

Darwin used homeopathy on plants

Green beans are not the only plants that can experiment on with homeopathy – any plant will do as Darwin discovered in his own experiments. Read how Darwin’s life was …

Homeopathy for farms and gardens

Homeopathy is an amazingly versatile form of treatment that is used for plants as well as people and animals. Recently we’ve had a number of questions on how to use …