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Anti-Snails & Slugs Remedy 4

Anti-Snails & Slugs Remedy

Savvy gardeners use a homeopathic remedy to repel slugs and snails. Here’s how they do it. Instructions on how to make the remedy, if so inclined, are included.

Deter Snails with Homeopathy 6

Deter Snails with Homeopathy

Our first experience with agrohomeopathy was when one of our homeopaths tried Helix Tosta on her rhubarb plant to see if it deterred snails. Here’s what happened.

Healing Plants with Homeopathy 8

Healing Plants with Homeopathy

Which remedies helped a broken red currant bush, a cherry tree with a fungal infection, a lantana bush with spider mites, and other plant problems? Gardeners, head this way.

Remedies for Plants 9

Remedies for Plants

Homeopathy helps the whole plant – roots, stem, and leaves. Learn which remedies assist germination, early growth, root strength, and more. 

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