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Alzheimer's Symptoms Helped by Homeopathy 1

Alzheimer’s Symptoms Helped by Homeopathy

Studies were presented at a Neuroscience Conference in which homeopathy influenced amyloid plaques, and enhanced learning, recognition, and memory.

Homeopathy and Autism FAQs 2

Homeopathy and Autism FAQs

Good homeopathic treatment stimulates the body's ability to heal which then makes a huge difference for those with autism. Read answers to the main questions parents ask.

Agrohomeopathy Repertory 3

Agrohomeopathy Repertory

Agrohomeopathy - the use of homeopathy for plant diseases - is still in its infancy but here's one repertory to use when looking at remedies for plant problems.

We Love Homeopathy Because… 4

We Love Homeopathy Because…

A few years back - and maybe we should do it again - we invited people to tell us in 250 words or less why they loved homeopathy. Here are their responses.

Remedies for Glaucoma 5

Remedies for Glaucoma

Compare conventional and homeopathic approaches to glaucoma and the related symptoms of impaired vision, eye heaviness, and sense of fullness. Useful remedies are listed.

Radiation Sickness and Poisoning: Guidelines for Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention 6

Radiation Sickness and Poisoning: Guidelines for Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention

How does homeopathy help with radiation sickness or poisoning? Cadm-i, Phosphorus, and Stront-c are some of the remedies to consider.

Airport X-Rays and Remedies 7

Airport X-Rays and Remedies

We are often asked, "Will airport x-ray machines and scanners affect our remedies?" Here's the answer and the accompanying research.

Effective Against Melanoma? 8

Effective Against Melanoma?

Brazilian scientists demonstrated across several studies that potentised remedies reduced and controlled the spread of melanoma cells and tumours.

Baby Taylor’s Homeopathy Story 9

Baby Taylor’s Homeopathy Story

10-month-old Taylor woke repeatedly and was troubled by unusual fears such vacuum cleaners, confined spaces and all men other than her father. Her mother sought help.