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Airport X-Rays and Remedies 2

Airport X-Rays and Remedies

We are often asked, “Will airport x-ray machines and scanners affect our remedies? Here’s the answer from the research.

Effective Against Melanoma? 3

Effective Against Melanoma?

Brazilian scientists demonstrated across several studies that potentised remedies reduced and controlled the spread of melanoma cells and tumours.

Baby Taylor’s Homeopathy Story 5

Baby Taylor’s Homeopathy Story

10-month-old Taylor woke repeatedly and was troubled by unusual fears such vacuum cleaners, confined spaces and all men other than her father. Her mother sought help.

Agrohomeopathy Repertory 7

Agrohomeopathy Repertory

Agrohomeopathy – the use of homeopathy for plant diseases – is still in its infancy but here is one repertory that helps when choosing remedies for plant problems.

Homeopathy for the Holidays 8

Homeopathy for the Holidays

Are your holidays full of peace and joy or anxiety, excitement, and sleeplessness? If the latter, this article suggests potential remedies to restore the harmony.

Homeopathy Relieves Pain 9

Homeopathy Relieves Pain

Drug-based painkillers have side-effects and may be addictive … but not homeopathics. One study showed homeopathy to be as effective as Diclofenac.

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