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Tutorial 3 - Potentisation 1

Tutorial 3 – Potentisation

The discovery of potentisation put an end to the dangerous side-effects of some homeopathic remedies and opened the door to safe treatments for all.

Q. Do Airport X-rays Affect Remedies? 2

Q. Do Airport X-rays Affect Remedies?

We are often asked, “Can we pass our remedies through the airport x-ray machines or will they affect our remedies? Here’s the answer with the research.

Homeopathy for kids 3

Homeopathy for kids

Which six remedies should parents consider for childhood colds, flu and sniffles? They’re well known and may already be sitting in your home medicine cabinet.

Effective Against Melanoma? 6

Effective Against Melanoma?

Brazilian scientists demonstrated across several studies that potentised remedies reduced and controlled the spread of melanoma cells and tumours.

Study: Alcoholism Reduced 8

Study: Alcoholism Reduced

An Indian pilot study, translated into English, provides an interesting insight into what is possible for alcoholism when treated by homeopathy.

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