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Brawls, Falls and Homeopathy 1

Brawls, Falls and Homeopathy

Remedies for fractures: “Brett’s face was grotesquely swollen and already black and blue from the bruising. His jaw was broken in two places and several teeth were missing…”

Relief for Sinus Pain 3

Relief for Sinus Pain

Sinus pain responds beautifully to homeopathic remedies and often the problem can be fully resolved by them. Here’s just 4 for consideration.

Tutorial 4 - Three Scales of Potency 5

Tutorial 4 – Three Scales of Potency

Homeopathic remedies are prepared in three different potency scales: centesimal, decimal and quinquagintamillesimal. (Yes, it is a word). But why, and how are they used?

Tutorial 3 - Potentisation 6

Tutorial 3 – Potentisation

The discovery of potentisation put an end to the dangerous side-effects of some homeopathic remedies, opening the door to safe treatments for all.

Q. Do Airport X-rays Affect Remedies? 7

Q. Do Airport X-rays Affect Remedies?

We’re often asked, “Can we pass our remedies through the airport x-ray machines or will they affect our remedies? Here’s the relevant research and our answer.

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