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Reversing Autism – Connor’s Story

Connor’s Mum tells his story… Thank you for giving me my son back.  I don’t know how to thank you enough.  It has been sad watching my beautiful boy, from …

Reversing Autism – Alex’s Story

Alex’s Mum tells his story… “We began homeopathic treatment in May 2006. Prior to this, we had done diet, supplements, and chiropractic — cranio-sacral therapy. Before any intervention my son …

3.5km of homeopathic gratitude

Did you see this news story? A Bangladeshi football fan thanks German homeopathy before the World Cup by unfurling a 2.2 mile-long German flag. The flag was made and displayed …

Reversing Autism with Homeopathy

Brady’s Mum tells his story: “Every morning Brady would wake by having a full-blown tantrum. I’m not talking a normal two-year-old tantrum but a 20-30 minute screaming and head-banging session. …

Homeopathy – Why are they so worried?

On the 16th October The National, a Canadian TV news show, ran a story titled, “Worries about homeopathic treatments”. Homeopaths watched the biased, inaccurate and misleading report in disbelief. The …

Lyme Encephalitis Healed with Homeopathy

Matthew’s Lyme-induced encephalitis was not improving even with the intravenous antibiotics he was being given. Dr Saltzman, MD, tells the difference homeopathy made. Read more | Comment