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A Day in a Homeopath’s Clinic

(From the clinic of Fran Sheffield, Homeopath, November 2010) We’re going to take a look at how a typical day in Fran’s clinic runs. Before we do, there are just …


Homeopathy for turtles

I am a Homeopath teacher, practitioner and researcher in Canada. I am blessed and proud for being a Homeopath. It follows nature’s law of cure. Homeopathy is the most complete …


Homeopathy: Tinctures or a trick of the mind?

THE INDEPENDENT (UK). Reporter: Jeremy Laurance (Susannah Ireland / The Independent) This week, a Commons committee declared that the NHS should stop funding homeopathy, describing its remedies as no better …

Pills and Flower

Becoming a Homeopath: The Early Days

I have a confession to make. Once I didn’t think very highly of homoeopathy. It seemed quaint, old-fashioned and if at all useful, only for the most minor of complaints. …

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