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Baby Taylor’s Homeopathy Story

10-month-old Taylor woke repeatedly and was troubled by unusual fears such vacuum cleaners, confined spaces and all men other than her father. Her mother sought help.

A Day in a Homeopath’s Clinic

People often wonder what homeopaths treat in their clinics. To answer this question we asked one of our homeopaths to share her notes from a typical day.

Reversing Autism – Zane’s Story

Zane was uncommunicative, withdrawn, aggressive, and anxious. His mother wrote this letter to a professor after substantial improvements were seen with homeopathy.

The spotted lanternfly is an attractive but invasive pest which, in large enough numbers, destroys plants, crops and trees.

Homeopathy Controls Lanternflies

Lanternflies  are visually attractive but destructive insects. Their voracious feeding habit damages trees, vines, and crops so that sap weeps, leaves wilt, and death of the plant usually follows. But, […]

Multiple Health Problems Improve

Barry suffered from sinusitis, headaches, hay fever, high blood pressure, rising PSA levels, insomnia and anxiety. They all improved with one remedy - but which one, and why?

Video: Rheumatoid Arthritis – Lauren’s Story – Homeopathy Helps Me to Live a Normal Life

Lauren developed rheumatoid arthritis at the age of two. Twenty-five years later, she tells how homeopathy helped her to live an active and healthy life.

Homeopathy: Tinctures or a trick of the mind?

THE INDEPENDENT (UK). Reporter: Jeremy Laurance (Susannah Ireland / The Independent) This week, a Commons committee declared that the NHS should stop funding homeopathy, describing its remedies as no better […]