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Reversing Autism - Connor's Story 4

Reversing Autism – Connor’s Story

“It has been sad watching my beautiful boy, from being perfectly normal and chatty, turn into a child with speech and behaviour problems”. Connor’s Mum then tried homeopathy.

Reversing Autism - Darcy's Story 5

Reversing Autism – Darcy’s Story

Darcy had been diagnosed with autism when 2-years-old. His mum started his homeopathic treatment at 4 years of age. Five months later, she submitted this report.

Homeopathy: Tinctures or a trick of the mind? 7

Homeopathy: Tinctures or a trick of the mind?

THE INDEPENDENT (UK). Reporter: Jeremy Laurance (Susannah Ireland / The Independent) This week, a Commons committee declared that the NHS should stop funding homeopathy, describing its remedies as no better …