Homeopathic Selfies

How would remedy “personalities” display their selfies? Self-loving Sulphur would take a unique selfie to display their talents. Phosphorus selfish would be colourful, and Calcarea would click a selfie because that’s what everyone else is doing. What’s your type?

Trouble Sleeping Right?

Homeopathic remedies relieve symptoms that cause sleep problems – anxiety, restlessness, fear and worry, rapid thoughts, itching, an overly active mind, itching, and more. Read of suitable remedies and check the studies.

Swiss National Health Insurance

Ending years of scientific programs abused for political purposes, homeopathy will become a mandatory part of the Swiss National Health Insurance from the 1st August, 2017. Medical doctors prescribing homeopathy are expected to have a qualification in it.

Homeopathy and Plantar Fasciitis

Anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis knows how painful it can be to stand and walk – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Homeopathy regularly achieves good and permanent results. It also helps cramping, pain in the instep or ankle bones, swelling of the feet, and other symptoms.

Gunpowder as a Homeopathic Remedy??

Gunpowder as a remedy? Definitely! In days past, it was taken by soldiers as a teaspoon dose mixed in hot water as a remedy for infections with pus. It worked even better as a homeopathic remedy and was used for blood poisoning, fever, and meningitis.

Homeopathy Treats More Than Just Physical Symptoms

Doris told all her physical symptoms; dreadful pains in her bottom, pressure in the urethra, and sharp neuralgic pain in the hamstrings of her legs. However, it wasn’t until her homeopath was aware of her emotional symptoms that the prescribed remedy worked ‘miracles’.

Homeopathy in Europe

The popularity of homeopathy continues to grow throughout Europe. If you’re curious about where and how, simply hover over a country, and click ‘more’. Blue countries have ECH-accredited teaching centres and green ones have member associations.

India: Cancer Research

The NIPCR has received government funding for research on homeopathy in which patients will use homeopathy beside other drugs. Dr Manchanda says, “The idea is to conduct molecular research on certain homeopathic medicines to see how effective they can be in treating cancer,”

Healing Broken Bones

The healing of fractures is a slow process but it can be hastened. Common homeopathic remedies help with the initial bleeding, bruising, swelling, and pain. Others assist with the longer process of bone repair and the strengthening of weak or brittle bones.

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