Small Remedies

A Doctor’s Experience

Read aboutf Dr Rastogi’s experiences of treating patients with homeopathy. He tells how remedies have helped cancer patients (alongside conventional medicines), treated shoulder and heel pain, softened scar tissue, improved vision, and more.


Homeopathic Help for Pneumonia

The symptoms of pneumonia – a dry cough, or one that produces a thick yellowish, greenish phlegm, wheezing, coughing up of blood, difficult breathing, and more – are helped by homeopathy. Read which remedies, and when.


Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Choice

We were thrilled to see the Truth About Vaccine series cover homeopathy’s ability to stimulate immunity against infectious disease. We were also pleased to see it drew from info we’ve distributed worldwide over the past 12 years. What we had always hoped is coming to pass – that communities know about safe protection with homeopathy so that the risks and limitations of vaccines can be avoided.


Homeopathy for Seniors

Kashka Kril-Atkins has written an all-too-true post on healthcare for the aging. She discusses some of the benefits of homeopathy for the elderly, she says: “Natural medicine has much to offer seniors but homeopathy is unique in its compatibility with conventional medicine”.


Study: Homeopathy for Autism

Participants experienced a significant improvement in core autistic features. The parameters included communication, socialization, sensory awareness, health, behavior, and hyperactivity. Rapid improvement occurred in the first 3 months of treatment.


Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

Watching someone you love slowly forget who you are is heartbreaking but the number affected by memory loss disorders has increased annually with those under the age of 65 now at risk. Take a look at homeopathy uses for memory loss, mental agility, comprehension and more.

The Truth About Vaccines

The Truth About Vaccines (and Homeopathy)

Have you been watching this oh-so-important series with 60 of the world’s top health experts? The final episode plays today/tonight and looks at homeopathy’s ability to safely protect against epidemic disease. A must see! Watch it in the next 24 hours while it’s still free.

Thin Teen

A Case of Stunted Growth

“She looked dwarfed, emaciated with stunted growth. She would wet her bed almost every night. She was timid, no self-confidence. She was also backward in her studies. She seemed to be the object of ridicule for everyone in the house.” Read how homeopathy helped.

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