Flu-like Symptoms & Homeopathy

Experiencing an intense backache, creeping chills, heavy lids or pain at the base of the head? What about aching muscles, nausea on movement, or pain in the bones? This handy chart shows which remedies suit these and other flu-like symptoms..

Septicaemia Symptoms

Septicaemia, or blood poisoning, is a life-threatening condition. Symptoms include fever, chills, drenching sweat, rapid pulse, foul discharges, delirium, and fever. Read of key remedies used, past and present, that match these symptoms clusters.

TGA Consultation – Urgent Help Needed!

Homeopathy is at risk of being “banned” in Australia and to stop this, you must respond before midnight on Friday, 12th May. Helpful points and concerns for your submission are at: TGA …

Leucorrhoea and Homeopathy

This all too common problem for women is unpleasant and distressing but homeopathy is a safe option for the management of vaginal discharge. Take a look at which remedies suit the symptoms of blood staining, foul smell, or changes in the discharge colour.

Paving the Way for Pregnancy

Dr Sabharwal shares the story of a woman suffering from infertility. After being prescribed a homeopathic remedy by the good doctor, she conceived within 3 months. Her case study contains information on her symptoms and the matching remedy which enabled her to conceive.

Why Homeopathy for Vertigo?

Simple homeopathic remedies often offer simple help for the symptoms of vertigo but which ones should you and your homeopath consider? This article provides a list of the common ones and compares the homeopathic approach to that of conventional treatment.

A Safe Alternative for Pets

Vanessa Brookman’s six-year-old pit bull terrier, Jack, was in full kidney and liver failure after an allergic reaction to allopathic (conventional) medicine. Vanessa says, “The only thing left to try was homeopathy.” It saved her dog’s life.

Homeopathy for Sports Injuries

Injuries are a disaster for those who depend on their sporting abilities for income and career. That’s why homeopathy’s such a big hit and widely used in the sporting world. Many turn to it for their repetitive strain and overuse injuries, lacerations, and more.

A Homeopathic First-Aid Remedy

Symphytum officinale, the homeopathic preparation of comfrey, has an affinity for bones. Traditionally, it’s been used for diseases such as osteoporosis and osteitis, and to hasten the healing of fractures. It also helps types of eye injuries, bruises, sprains and much more.

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