Offer 2: 20% Off Earache Complex

Until midnight, Monday, 25th June, 2018 (UTC/GMT -8 hours), our Earache Complex is discounted by 20%. Normally $28.50 a bottle, each one is now just $22.80 (save $5.70 a bottle). Each bottle …

Homeopathy for Travel Anxiety

Do you become numb at the thought of getting on an airplane or feel anxious when leaving familiar surroundings? Here are some helpful remedies to cope with the stress of travel.

Homeopathy for 40s and 50s

“… a loss of sense of self as a parent, potential parent, or as a professional person has such a huge impact.” The good doctors from BHA explain how homeopathy can help.

Australia’s NHMRC Flawed Report

We’re still waiting on the ombudsman’s review of this controversial report but here’s a reminder of why it’s being challenged and why it should be read with a high degree of scepticism.

Homeopathy and Sports

Athletes regularly turn to homeopathy – it treats injuries, has no harmful side-effects and does not affect performance-enhancing drug tests. Here’s a list of useful remedies.

Do Your Breasts Hurt ?

Fibrocystic breast disease is a common cause of breast pain for women – more than half will experience it at some point in their lives. Once again, homeopathy can help