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Offer 2: 20% Off 7 Different Winter Complexes 3

Offer 2: 20% Off 7 Different Winter Complexes

(Each week we run three significant specials with our news in our weekday and/or weekly newsletters. To be notified of them, subscribe at Homeopathy Plus – News and Quick-bits.) Until …

Q. What is Tautopathy? 9

Q. What is Tautopathy?

Tautopathy (meaning ‘same disease’) is a similar approach to homeopathy (‘similar disease’) in that it uses low-risk, potentised remedies to prevent or relieve harmful reactions caused by conventional medicines or …

Homeopathy: Physician’s Perspective 12

Homeopathy: Physician’s Perspective

A doctor responds to a common claim about homeopathy by explaining how, in the face of all available evidence, there’s just no way a placebo-only statement can be justified.

Study: Allergies Improve 14

Study: Allergies Improve

The use of homeopathy resulted in significant improvements, no side-effects, and a reduction or complete cessation of other treatments.

Ask Kaviraj -- July 2011 15

Ask Kaviraj — July 2011

You asked and Kaviraj responded with homeopathic options for black spot on roses, cabbage butterflies, mastitis in dairy cattle, Lyme-infected ticks, and more.

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