Remedies for Nosebleeds

Which types of nosebleeds does homeopathy treat? Nosebleeds during deskwork, after eating, with headaches, or with itching of the nostrils is just the beginning.

Help for Cerebral Palsy

Dr Ajay discuss the background and common symptoms of cerebral palsy. A repertorial list is provided with remedies for key symptoms. Professional management gives best results

Remedies for Sciatica

This article lists 43 remedies for sciatica, each matching a different set of symptoms. There are remedies for long-lasting pain, inability to sit still, pain worsened by heat, and much more!

Remedies for the Common Cold

Homeopathy is a safe treatment option for the sniffs, sneezes, chills, aches and pains that come colds. Keep this list handy for the next time one tries to make its way through your house. 

Remedies of the Heart

With Valentines day just past, five simple remedies come to mind for their affinity to emotional matters of the heart – anxiety, fearfulness, jealousy, turmoil, and sensitivity.

Homeoprophylaxis in India

“India has employed HP effectively for cholera, the H1N1 influenza virus (“swine flu”), conjunctivitis, chickenpox and mosquito-borne viral diseases…”. That’s quite a list! 

Remedies for Eczema Sufferers

What do Sulphur, Arsenicum, Graphites and Psorinum have in common? They’re key remedies for eczema-related symptoms such as dryness, itchiness, weeping, and more.

Birthing with Homeopathy

Remedies have been safely used for centuries to ease common pregnancy and birthing problems – pelvic pain, irregular and difficult contractions, and more. It even softens cervixes

Homeopathy for Babies

“Homeopathy is about quality not quantity”. Learn why and discover lots of useful information about the when and why of dosing when you are treating your little one with homeopathy.