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Tutorial 13 - Finding a Good Homeopath 2

Tutorial 13 – Finding a Good Homeopath

A common question is, “How do I find a good homeopath?”. With many therapists including homeopathy as part of their treatments it has become increasingly hard to identify one.

Study: Homeopathy and Tonsillitis 3

Study: Homeopathy and Tonsillitis

Compared to the placebo group, the pain and inflammation of viral tonsillitis improved significantly in the homeopathic group without adverse effects.

Remedies for Disasters (Part 1) 4

Remedies for Disasters (Part 1)

We help you put together an emergency homeopathy kit, teach you how to use it during a disaster, and then explain how to ‘stretch’ your remedies to help others as well.

No Match for Homeopathy 14

No Match for Homeopathy

People with kidney stones usually become homeopathy enthusiasts when a remedy ‘magically’ stops their colic, helps them pass the stone, or even dissolves it.

Three ways we can help.