Remedies for Arthritis

Homeopathy can relieve the immediate pain and stiffness associated with arthritis while offering long-term treatment options. Here’s a list of remedies homeopaths may turn to. 

Homeopathy for Grief

Homeopathic remedies for the emotional turmoil of grief, whether that be numbness, hysteria, anger or aching loss, helps you to process and release them in a healthy manner.

Remedies for Gardeners

Time spent in the garden can also bring aches and pains, stings or bites, and stiffness. Here are a few useful remedies to make your gardening a happy and healthy pastime.

Inquiry into Superbugs

“Homeopaths are being urged to contribute to an inquiry exploring ways to tackle a looming public health crisis threatened by ‘superbugs’…”. Submissions close June 29.

UK Corruption Brings Suffering

“Those who sought to bring down homeopathy already knew that it was a potent, safe and affordable healing method. That’s exactly why they wanted to destroy it.”

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Homeopathy for Travel Anxiety

Do you become numb at the thought of getting on an airplane or feel anxious when leaving familiar surroundings? Here are some helpful remedies to cope with the stress of travel.