Our Health and Vaccines (AVN 7/16)

Did you know that the media considers it to be ‘false balance’ to report anything about vaccination that is not completely positive? (Reprinted with permission from the Australian Vaccination-risks Network) …

Homeopathy and Skin Conditions

The skin is the largest organ of the body and has its own set of health problems. The good doctors from the BHA tell how homeopathy is used for psoriasis, eczema, acne. 

5 Remedies for Piles

Here’s a guide on everything you did and didn’t want to know about haemorrhoids. It includes 5 key remedies homeopaths use in their treatment. 

US: FDA and Homeopathy

“Is the FDA acting out of malicious intent or willful ignorance in publishing a new draft guidance on homeopathics which would effectively treat them like pharmaceutical drugs…” 

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Build a home-use homeopathy kit Start building your homeopathy kit with our weekly $5.00 remedy offers – there’s a different one each week! Learn how to use your remedy with our simple …

Our Health and Vaccines (AVN 6/16)

Did you know that vaccines may be contaminated with a large number of animal viruses and bacteria, some of which have been linked with cancer and other chronic diseases? (Reprinted …