Homeoprophylaxis Conference

Register now to attend this conference in Soesterberg, Netherlands later this month. Worldwide experts will present information on homeoprophylaxis, disease, vaccine damage and more.

Trauma and Homeopathy

Laura struggled with weight issues, anger and depression. Childhood trauma was at the root of her problems. Read her treatment outline and the particular remedy she was prescribed. 

Know Your Remedies: Passiflora incarnata (Passi.)

Common Names: Maypop; purple passionflower; wild passion vine. Vials of Passiflora incarnata (Passi.) 30C pills are currently on special for $5.00 – but only until midnight, Monday, 16th October, 2017 (UTC/GMT …

Pre-menstrual Tension, PMT, PMS

To women, everywhere. You don’t have to suffer with premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings, cravings and bloating. Discover key treatment remedies and the symptoms they suit.

Homeopathy for Sleep Issues

Does your child have vivid, recurring nightmares? or wake drenched in sweat? Read cases in which homeopathy helped these and other night-time problems. 

Homeopathy World Fights Cuts

The homeopathic community is banding together to stop the removal of NHS remedy prescriptions for those dependent of subsidised healthcare. Learn how you can help.

A case of Panic and Anxiety

“I keep getting these panic attacks, I can’t breathe, I have a knot in my stomach, I can’t eat, my heart is pounding..” Read how Chloe’s life changed with homeopathy.

Dr Concepcion Campa Huergo: Creator of Vaccine

Dr Concepcion Campa Huergo is the president and general manager of the Finlay Institute which is part of the Cuban Biopharmaceutical Industry Business group, currently known as the BioCubaFarma. Her …