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Offer 2: 20% Off 7 Different Dental Complexes 3

Offer 2: 20% Off 7 Different Dental Complexes

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Deter Snails with Homeopathy 11

Deter Snails with Homeopathy

Our first experience with agrohomeopathy was when one of our homeopaths tried Helix Tosta on her rhubarb plant to see if it deterred snails. Here’s what happened.

Tadpole Research and Remedies 12

Tadpole Research and Remedies

In repeated research, potentised remedies affected tadpole growth. The research also revealed that remedies were affected by mobile (cell) phone and microwave oven emissions.

Studies: Preparing for Radiation 13

Studies: Preparing for Radiation

Going for an X-ray, CT scan, mammogram or fluoroscopy? Here’s two studies in which homeopathy protected against radiation exposure. Homeopathy can prevent as well as treat.

Know Your Remedies: Oleander (Olnd.) 14

Know Your Remedies: Oleander (Olnd.)

Oleander (Olnd.) is a key remedy for skin and gastrointestinal complaints both of which are worsened by acidic food. Other common symptoms include trembling and weakness.

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