Rare Remedies for Acne

Lot’s of common homeopathic remedies help acne but what about the less common ones? Here’s a list of rarely presented yet oh-so-helpful remedies for this unwanted problem.

Help for Tobacco Dependency

“Homeopathy is a medical therapy that will avoid some of the side-effects and adverse reactions of conventional medical treatment…” It also assists with addictions like smoking.

Women Only: Low Libido

Remedy selection for this common problem depends on the individuality of the patient, considering mental and physical symptoms. Here’s a list of commons symptoms and suitable remedies.

Pop-up No More!

Recently, we had a spam pop-up attach itself to our website. It was intermittent and unpredictable with only some being able to see it. The good news is that we’ve snared and eradicated it. The website is once again locked and loaded.

Remedies for Circulation

Homeopathic remedies are ideally suited to the symptoms of heart palpitations, pain, throbbing arteries, irregular heart beats, and more. This article discusses some of them.

Homeopathy for Influenza?

According to this article, “… there are several scientific studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals that have confirmed Oscillococcinum’s efficacy”.

Remedy: Calcarea carbonica

“… soft, yielding, spineless and flabby to the touch. It is cold, clammy and wet; to the eye it is pallid and anaemic looking. Many a Calc carb subject possesses these characteristics.’ Oh?

The right remedy for the job

Have you ever thought of how different jobs need different remedies? Carpenters, for example, are prone to whacking their thumbs with hammers or taking a blow from beams of wood. …

Epidemiological Studies

19 studies (scarlet fever, typhus fever, Cholera, Dengue, meningococcal, influenza and Leptospirosis) have shown the protective effects of homeopathy.
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