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Agrohomeopathy Q&A 1

Agrohomeopathy Q&A

You asked and Kaviraj responded with homeopathic suggestions for potato blight, fruit flies, white ants, snails, leaf miners, cockroaches, couch grass, fleas, and more.

Homeopathy for Chronic Patients 2

Homeopathy for Chronic Patients

2,722 Swedish and German patients with chronic health problems including migraines, asthma, and depression, were treated with homeopathy.

Offer 2: Christmas Complex Trios 5

Offer 2: Christmas Complex Trios

Until midnight, Friday, 24th of December 2021 (UTC/GMT -8 hours), buy two Complex remedies … and get one FREE! Our Christmas Complex trios are on special for $57.00 each (normally $85.50 …

$2.00 Gift Wrapping for a Festive Touch! 6

$2.00 Gift Wrapping for a Festive Touch!

Until Friday, 24th December, 2021 we can gift-wrap your purchases prior to dispatch. Just click the gift-wrapping option at the top of the checkout and we will carefully and lovingly …

Multiple Health Problems Improve 8

Multiple Health Problems Improve

Barry suffered from sinusitis, headaches, hay fever, high blood pressure, rising PSA levels, insomnia and anxiety. They each improved with one remedy – but which one, and why?

Agrohomeopathy Q&A 9

Agrohomeopathy Q&A

Are you struggling with problems caused by beetles, cyclids, silverfish, ants, earwigs, spiders or caterpillars? See what an agrohomeopathic expert had to say.

Career Saved with Homeopathy 10

Career Saved with Homeopathy

Madeleine was plagued by sinus problems – something no singer wants. Homeopathy resolved this plus other health complaints so she was soon back to fine form.

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