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Remedies for Headshaking Horses

“Around 93.3% of owners felt their horses improved following homeopathic treatment of varying regimes, as part of a larger study into homeopathy.”

Homeopathy: Scientific Research

Mental health, ADHD, anxiety, fractures, menopausal symptoms, concussion, allergies, coughs and sinusitis, insomnia, musculoskeletal problems, healing after surgery, and more.

Homeopathy for Gangrene

“Homeopathy offers therapy options. In this case series, 5 cases are presented, in which the homoeopathic treatment prevented amputation of a body part.”

Study: Homeopathy for haemophilia saves lives and money

In light of haemophilia’s expensive management, alternatives are needed for this serious bleeding and clotting disorder in third world nations where factor concentrates are prohibitively expensive. Homeopathy may meet this …

Top 10 Remedies for Eyes

Which remedies would make your top 10 list for eye problems? This doctor shares those he uses for conjunctivitis, discharges, allergies, eye-strain headaches, and more.

Homeopathic Phosphoric Acid

Weakness, lethargy, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, apathy, despair, lack of motivation, inability to cope – perhaps brought on by emotional trauma, grief or stress? You may need Phos-ac.

Interview: Homeopathic Doctor

“They want something that’s actually going to treat it and stop it, and they were getting these kinds of results with homeopathy and other alternative modalities.”

A Case of Meniere’s Disease

“My boss is irrational. He’s unpredictable. Employees feel victimized by that. If you are the victim of that in a public meeting, it feeds into my feelings of performance anxiety and failure.”