Homeopathy and Gout

Tearing pain in a joint? Red, pale, or hardened swelling in your toe, foot, knee or some other joint? One of these remedies may take the heat out of your gouty flare-up.

Haemophilia Remedies

Compare treatment options for haemophilia, look at studies supporting homeopathy for haemophilia, and if that isn’t enough, try matching your symptoms to a remedy.

Primary and Secondary Reactions

The effect of a homeopathic remedy on the human body is called the primary action. The secondary action (or reaction) by that body creates the healing. Amazing!

Homeopathy after a Pub Fight

Homeopathy and Fractures An interesting aspect of homeopathy is that the more intense and acute the complaint, the more rapidly improvement is likely to take place.  This is seen in …

Homeopathy for Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea – it’s a subject no-one likes to talk about but homeopathy can help those watery stools, flatulence, cramps, and more. But is it better than conventional approaches.

Homeopathy Research Report

A report on homeopathic research provides a summary on the basic research, areas of healthcare research, randomised controlled clinical trials, and meta-analyses.

Homeopathy in Mexico

“Currently about 7000 homeopaths are practicing in Mexico, with the number on the rise due to the increasing demand and the evidence of homeopathy‘s effectiveness.”

A Case of Dry Socket

A 60-year-old man was suffering from painful alveolar osteitis. The wound would not granulate or heal until it received a nudge from homeopathy – but which remedy, and why?

Homeopathy and Parkinson’s

The homeopathic and conventional approach to Parkinson’s disease are compared and list of useful remedies with their matching symptoms, provided.