Suffering from Acne?

Are you embarrassed or frustrated by persistent acne? It may be painful, postulated, pus filled, on the face, chest, back or hairline but homeopathy has remedies to suit.

Tarentula hispanica Remedy

Not everyone will love this article but if you’re curious about one of homeopathy’s better known spider remedies and the symptoms it treats, read on. 

Remedies for Insomnia

Do you, or someone you know, suffer from chronic insomnia? This study evaluated the efficacy of homeopathy for the problem and the results are encouraging. 

Video: Homeopathic Bryonia

What’s Bryonia good for? Joint and muscle pain aggravated by motion, fevers with intense thirst and dryness, and more. Watch this short video for more information. Read more | Comment

Amenorrhoea and Anxiety

Take a look at this in-depth case study of a 43-year-old who suffered from absent periods, anxiety, migraines, emotional sensitivity and more. See which remedy helped.

Cost-benefit Evaluation

One advantage in using homeopathy for health care is that it can save you money. Here’s one cost-benefit evaluation of homeopathy vs conventional treatment for respiratory disease.

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