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Law of Similars Discovered 1

Law of Similars Discovered

Have you ever wondered how homeopathy came into being? The answer lies with German polymath, a text on malaria, and a poorly understood law of nature.

Study: Arnica and UV Damage 3

Study: Arnica and UV Damage

Many know of Arnica’s benefits following a bruise or injury but who knew it could repair genetic damage from the sun’s ultra-violet radiation – at least in bacteria?

Mosquito-Borne Diseases 4

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Malaria has been better-controlled in recent years but WHO is concerned that drug resistance and mutations will lead to its resurgence. Homeopathy doesn’t create resistance.

Tutorial 1 - The Law of Similars 5

Tutorial 1 – The Law of Similars

What do coffee, stimulants, and onions have in common? Their impact on the healthy person demonstrates how the Law of Similars works in homeopathy.

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