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Video: 'Proving' Research 4

Video: ‘Proving’ Research

“He experiments on healthy volunteers to uncover the symptoms a remedy causes because, based on the principle of ‘like cures like’, what a remedy causes it can also cure.”

Wound Heals with Homeopathy 7

Wound Heals with Homeopathy

A 4-year-old trotter gelding, following surgery, was treated homeopathically for antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and delayed wound healing

Study: Homeopathy and Psoriasis 8

Study: Homeopathy and Psoriasis

82 adults were enrolled in a study to examine the effects of homeopathic treatment on their psoriasis and other co-existing diseases. The Results were positive.

Studies: Homeopathy and Hay Fever 9

Studies: Homeopathy and Hay Fever

Several studies indicate that homeopathy could be the treatment of choice for allergies. It alleviated the symptoms of hay fever and other hypersensitivity disorders, improved quality of life, and without …