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Dengue Fever & Homeopathy 2

Dengue Fever & Homeopathy

Brazilians regularly use homeopathy with good results to treat and prevent dengue fever. Two recent studies show it makes a safe and effective contribution to Dengue management

Survey: How Are Nosodes Used? 3

Survey: How Are Nosodes Used?

Nosodes are homeopathic remedies prepared from disease-producing bacteria and viruses, or diseased tissue, fluid or discharge. But, how are they used in practice?

Homeopathy & Arsenic Poisoning 4

Homeopathy & Arsenic Poisoning

Millions of people drink ground water contaminated with arsenic. Many suffer from low-grade chronic poisoning with no easy way of treating it … except by homeopathy

Brain Injury - Homeopathic Help 8

Brain Injury – Homeopathic Help

Homeopathy stimulated significant improvement in people with traumatic brain injury in this study – even when the injury was of many years duration. Read what happened.