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Q. Will the Coronavirus Nosode Help with COVID-19?

Q. Will the Coronavirus Nosode Help with COVID-19? 4

A coronavirus nosode that has been in existence for many years is being touted on the internet and elsewhere as a prophylactic (preventative) for the new coronavirus disease – COVID-19. Will it be helpful?

In our opinion, most likely not.

Experience shows that a nosode only prevents symptoms of an infectious disease if it is prepared from a bacteria or virus that produces symptoms similar to those for which protection is sought.

The coronavirus family is comprised of many different strains which are responsible for the common cold, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) or a number of other respiratory infections.

In the above examples, each strain produces its own set of symptoms resulting in a separate disease name.

A nosode of one of the diseases cannot be used for the other simply because their symptoms differ even though all have been produced by a coronavirus.

The nosode currently being touted was not prepared from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or the COVID-19 disease produced by it, but another unknown coronavirus (to us, at least).

In the future, should a coronavirus nosode be prepared from the COVID-19 disease it may be useful but before any such claims could be made, it would have to be tested.*

*(Recently it has been reported that a COVID-19 nosode has now been produced. The provisos and qualifications mentioned in this article still apply.)

In the meantime, it’s always good to remember that while nosodes may be one way of offering potential protection, they are not the only way – or time-tested way.

As history shows, any remedy that suits the characteristic symptoms of the disease is likely to be effective.

Like you, we look forward to seeing which remedy – or remedies –  that may be.

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