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Q. COVID-19 Animal Infections – Can Homeopathy Help?

Q. Can homeopathy help animals infected with COVID-19?

A cat wearing a mask for this article on covid infections in animals

A. The short answer is, yes.

And, as with humans, it can also offer them protection.

With the ongoing spread of the COVID-19, several news outlets have run stories of animals being infected by the disease.

First, we heard about a beloved dog which subsequently died, then tigers and lions at a zoo and cats isolating (or perhaps not) at home, and now, minks at mink farms.

The good news is that homeopathy works just as well for epidemic diseases in pets, farm or zoo animals as it does for humans.

The remedies are the same, the frequency of repetition is the same, and the size of the doses can be the same though, depending on the size of the animal, you may like to give a little more or less to make dispensing the remedy easier.

Indicated remedies can even be added to water troughs for herds.

(Relevant information on doses that also applies to animals can be read at: Q. Doses for babies, doses for adults: is there a difference?

So, when you are thinking of how to use homeopathy in these unusual times, it may also be wise to include your animal friends.

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