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Reversing Autism - Darcy's Story 1

Reversing Autism – Darcy’s Story

Darcy had been diagnosed with autism when 2-years-old. His mum started his homeopathic treatment at 4 years of age. Five months later, she submitted this report.

Homeopathy and Autism FAQs 2

Homeopathy and Autism FAQs

Homeopathic treatment stimulates the body to heal which then makes a big difference for those with autism-related symptoms. Read answers to questions most parents ask.

Homeopathy for ASD 4

Homeopathy for ASD

It has been known and observed since the earliest days of autism that homeopathy makes a big difference for children (and adults) with an ASD. This doctor explains why.

Autism in a Boy of Two 5

Autism in a Boy of Two

“He wasn’t engaging with people … He didn’t speak, was always running around, never walking and could not be touched, approached or consoled when upset.”

Homeopathy with Autism and ADHD 6

Homeopathy with Autism and ADHD

“The child did not speak sentences and repeated a few words. The mother complained of hyperactivity. He doesn’t sit in the school class.”

Reversing Autism – Zane's Story 8

Reversing Autism – Zane’s Story

Zane was uncommunicative, withdrawn, aggressive, and anxious. His mother wrote this letter to a professor after substantial improvements were seen with homeopathy.

Reversing Autism - Alex's Story 9

Reversing Autism – Alex’s Story

Alex’s Mum says, “… we could see a definite improvement after each dose, followed by a general decline just prior to needing his next dose, so we knew it was the remedy…”.

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