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Homeopathy for Brain Disease

Is your loved one suffering from amnesia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, autism, stroke, concussion, or even a brain tumour? Homeopathy helps symptoms arising from these disorders.

Reversing Autism – Zane’s Story

Zane was uncommunicative, withdrawn, aggressive, and anxious. His mother wrote this letter to a professor after substantial improvements were seen with homeopathy.

Reversing Autism – Alex’s Story

Alex’s Mum says, “… we could see a definite improvement after each dose, followed by a general decline just prior to needing his next dose, so we knew it was the remedy…”.

Reversing Autism – Darcy’s Story

Darcy was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old. His mum started his homeopathic treatment at 4 years of age, just five months prior to this account. Darcy’s …

Homeopathy and Autism FAQs

An interesting FAQ article on Homeopathy for Autism and related disorders. Does homeopathy help autism, read the information for yourself and how it works.

Reversing Autism – Melissa’s Story

We first noticed our daughter was having some problems around her 2nd birthday, when she stopped talking and was having difficulty making eye contact and being socially interactive.  In fact …

Working holiday for a speech therapist

Our homeopathy clinic treats children with autism from all around the world. One of our families from the Philippines has sent a special request we would like to share with …

Reversing autism with homeopathy

(From one of the practitioners at our clinic.) April is Autism Awareness month. As many parents will tell you, it is not something we really want to celebrate. What has …