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Autism in a Boy of Two 2

Autism in a Boy of Two

“He wasn’t engaging with people … He didn’t speak, was always running around, never walking and could not be touched, approached or consoled when upset.”

Homeopathy with Autism and ADHD 3

Homeopathy with Autism and ADHD

“The child did not speak sentences and repeated a few words. The mother complained of hyperactivity. He doesn’t sit in the school class.”

Homeopathy and Autism 5

Homeopathy and Autism

“When upset, Juan will bang his head against the sofa (or my chest). When excited, his hands will flap. His speech development has been delayed.” Which remedy helped?

Autism & Homeopathy 6

Autism & Homeopathy

“Significant positive & curative response with homoeopathic medicines in subjects with ASD was found, suggesting that homoeopathic medicines can provide relief …”

Homeopathy for Brain Disease 7

Homeopathy for Brain Disease

Is your loved one suffering from amnesia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, autism, stroke, concussion, or even a brain tumour? Homeopathy helps symptoms arising from these disorders.

Homeopathic medicine - autism cured 8

Homeopathic medicine – autism cured

Quick Bits… When Amy’s son, Max, was 3, his preschool told her he had obvious symptoms of autism. And when Amy took him to a homeopath it resulted in this …

Working holiday for a speech therapist 9

Working holiday for a speech therapist

Our homeopathy clinic treats children with autism from all around the world. One of our families from the Philippines has sent a special request we would like to share with …

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