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Remedy Profile – Staphisagria 3

Remedy Profile – Staphisagria

This is an excellent post-surgical remedy to speed healing and reduce pain along the incision line – even if it is arising from a scar, many years old. See what else it does.

Ledum palustre (Led-p) 4

Ledum palustre (Led-p)

Insect bites, puncture wounds, or swellings or bruises that improve with cold compresses? Chronic complaints such as rheumatism and gout? Ledum may be the best remedy.

Cinchona officinalis (Chin.) 5

Cinchona officinalis (Chin.)

China officinalis is useful for exhaustion, weakness, anaemia, headache, and digestive upsets that arise from loss of body fluids.

Know Your Remedy: Nux Moschata (Nux-m) 6

Know Your Remedy: Nux Moschata (Nux-m)

Who would have thought that common nutmeg, regularly used as a culinary spice, could treat symptoms such as confusion and sleepiness when potentised into a remedy?

Know Your Remedies: Bromium (Brom.) 8

Know Your Remedies: Bromium (Brom.)

Bromine is chemical element from the halogen group. It is corrosive and toxic and at room temperature presents as a reddish brown liquid.It was used extensively as a fire retardant …

Know Your Remedies: Cactus Grandiflorus (Cact.) 9

Know Your Remedies: Cactus Grandiflorus (Cact.)

Common Name: Night-blooming cereus. General Information A significant remedy for severe constricting, contracting or congestive pains, especially in the heart, bladder, rectum, vagina, or uterus. These pains are triggered or …

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