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Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle

A woman with sacral pain, insomnia, and a chronically swollen ankle responds to homeopathy. The conventional and homeopathic use of the treatment remedies is compared.

Germany: Homeopathy Refunds

“The head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians … said on Thursday that health insurance companies should not fund homeopathic services.”

A Case of Parkinson’s Disease

Bill had Parkinson’s disease. To help him with homeopathy, his homeopath looked to his withdrawal, a floating spot in his vision, rigid facial muscles, and toxin exposure.

Homeopathy for Carpal Tunnel

All remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome cover its usual symptoms so how to choose the right one? Look for a match with unusual symptoms, those unique to the sufferer.

Fibromyalgia and Homeopathy

Homeopathy has a number of useful remedies for this condition. The good doctors from the BHA discuss 8 of them and present two treatment case reports.

Aussie Pets and Natural Care

“Now, new research has found that nearly 1 in 2 pet owners are willing to try allied health services or alternative therapies to improve their pet’s health and wellbeing.”

Video: Diarrhea Study

A doctor’s study on homeopathy for childhood diarrhoea was published in a prestigious medical journal. Known homeopathic skeptics then attempted to tear it apart.