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Homeopathy for Carpal Tunnel 1

Homeopathy for Carpal Tunnel

When all remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome cover its usual symptoms, how do you choose the right one? Look for the one that matches the unusual symptoms of the sufferer.

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle 2

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle

A woman with a swollen ankle, sacral pain, and insomnia, responds to homeopathy. The overlap of conventional and homeopathic treatments of this case is discussed.

Study: Breast Cancer Research 3

Study: Breast Cancer Research

In which study did homeopathy impress researchers with its similar action to chemotherapy on breast cancer cells – and with no adverse effects?
This one

Dementia & Homeopathy 4

Dementia & Homeopathy

A comparison between the conventional and homeopathic approach to dementia is provided. A list of useful remedies and related research is included.

Remedies for Arthritis 5

Remedies for Arthritis

The selection of homeopathic medicine for arthritis is based individualisation and symptom similarity by using a holistic approach. These remedies may be considered.

Angie's Belladonna Flu 7

Angie’s Belladonna Flu

The flu hit Angie fast. Her high fever, throbbing headache, glistening eyes, hot flushed face, and the rapid onset of her symptoms suited Belladonna. Here’s what happened next.

7 Top Remedies for Glaucoma 8

7 Top Remedies for Glaucoma

A doctor discusses remedies he uses again and again for glaucoma and its symptoms – fullness, tiredness, dim vision, increased intraocular pressure, and more.

Homeopathy and Tantrums 9

Homeopathy and Tantrums

Repeated ‘meltdowns’ and temper tantrums are not normal stage of childhood but a sign that something is amiss. These 4 of many remedies show how homeopathy helps.

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