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Homeopathics for Broken Bones 2

Homeopathics for Broken Bones

“Broken bones. Many of us have had them. And the causes are frequently as simple as slipping while walking to get the mail on a winter morning or carrying laundry down some stairs.”

Bird Remedies 3

Bird Remedies

“When we think of birds we think of flight, soaring high in the air, bird song, the countryside, freedom, preening … patients needing bird remedies often demonstrate these themes …”

Case: Iritis in a Boy of 13 5

Case: Iritis in a Boy of 13

This mother was desperate. Her child had been diagnosed with a complicated case of iritis and several specialists (Portugal and Spain) had told her he would shortly end up blind.

I Sniff At Homeopathy 6

I Sniff At Homeopathy

Did you know that remedies can be taken not just by mouth but also by a quick sniff through the nose? It’s true, and it’s called olfaction dosing. Here’s why it’s used.

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