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Study: High Blood Pressure 1

Study: High Blood Pressure

An interesting study compared the short-term effects on blood pressure of a homeopathic remedy (Veratrum viride) and a common allopathic antihypertensive drug (Atenolol).

Treating PTSD with Homeopathy 2

Treating PTSD with Homeopathy

Is someone you know nervous and not sleeping? Have uncontrollable anguish, fear and gloom? Or is irritable and depressed? Take a look at these 'PTSD remedies'.

Study: Alcoholism Reduced 3

Study: Alcoholism Reduced

An Indian pilot study, roughly translated into English, provides an interesting insight into what is possible for alcoholism treated by homeopathy.

Why Homeopathy for Coughs? 4

Why Homeopathy for Coughs?

The conventional and homeopathic approach to coughs is compared, helpful remedies presented, and studies showing the positive effects of homeopathy included.

Uterine Fibroids and Homeopathy 5

Uterine Fibroids and Homeopathy

A homeopathic doctor gives a rundown on uterine fibroids and the homeopathic remedies used for profuse bleeding, clots, chilliness, pain, and other fibroid-related symptoms.

Study: Breast Cancer Research 6

Study: Breast Cancer Research

In which study did homeopathy impress researchers by its action, similar to that of chemotherapy, on breast cancer cells but with no adverse effects?

Homeopathy and Lupus 7

Homeopathy and Lupus

"The advantage of using homeopathy is that it does not put stress on the detoxifying organs and will not interfere with the patient’s medications."

Q&A: Extending the Life of a Liquid Remedy 8

Q&A: Extending the Life of a Liquid Remedy

Q. "Help! I'm running out of my remedy. Is there some way to make it last until I can get a new bottle?" There's a simple way to do it and we tell you how.

Study: Homeopathy for ADHD 9

Study: Homeopathy for ADHD

In a pilot study of children and teens, 63% experienced significant improvement with no side-effects when their ADHD was treated with homeopathy.

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