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No Statins After Homeopathy

“It was clear that he was a gentleman who was very fastidious (especially with matters of finance), proper, and practiced good ethics and honorable morals.”

Childhood Depression Cases

Two cases of depression: One child was withdrawn and wanting to die, the other cried incessantly and felt forsaken. Both needed different remedies but why?

Exposed Homeopathic Secrets

“Patients are treated in the way their body responds to illness … We use the patient’s subjective experience of the illness because that’s guaranteed information.”

Benign Epilepsy and Homeopathy

“The seizures started at age 8 after the death of her grand-mother whom she was very close to. Episodes included salivation, tingling in hands & convulsive movements of the arms.”

Homeopathy & Asthma

Asthma patients may have a personal or family history of hay fever and/or eczema, as these conditions tend to exist together. Homeopathy addresses both at the same time.