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My Mother's Parkinson’s Disease 1

My Mother’s Parkinson’s Disease

“Her most debilitating symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, cramping, muscle weakness, burning pains in her legs and palsy.” Ally then chose a remedy she thought would suit.

Deter Snails with Homeopathy 2

Deter Snails with Homeopathy

Our first experience with agrohomeopathy was when one of our homeopaths tried Helix Tosta on her rhubarb plant to see if it deterred snails. Here’s what happened.

Top 10 Remedies for Eyes 4

Top 10 Remedies for Eyes

Which remedies would make your top 10 list for eye problems? A doctor shares the ones he uses for conjunctivitis, discharges, eye-strain, headaches, and more. 

Saved by Homeopathy 5

Saved by Homeopathy

Roger Daltrey is a firm advocate for homeopathy ever since his baby son, seemingly close to death, was returned to health by a homeopathic remedy. Here’s his story.

Tadpole Research and Remedies 6

Tadpole Research and Remedies

In repeated research, potentised remedies changed the rate at which tadpoles grew. It also showed that remedies were affected by mobile (cell) phone and microwave oven emissions.

Homeopathy Tops Northern Ireland Study 7

Homeopathy Tops Northern Ireland Study

Info not to be ignored: a Northern Ireland Government study found that alternative and complementary therapies offered significant benefits and reduced healthcare costs.

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