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Four Problems - One Solution 1

Four Problems – One Solution

Beth had arthritic pain, Margaret, hot flushes. Agir was troubled by lack of purpose, and Betsy the dog had flea-bite allergy. One remedy helped them all … but which one?

Remedies for Lower Back Pain 2

Remedies for Lower Back Pain

A list of 15 remedies helps you identify the remedy that may be needed your back pain – whether that be pain on movement, pain with weakness, constricting or cramping pain, and more.

Effective Against Melanoma? 3

Effective Against Melanoma?

Brazilian scientists demonstrated across several studies that potentised remedies reduced and controlled the spread of melanoma cells and tumours.

Q. Carbo Veg - a ‘Corpse Reviver’? 5

Q. Carbo Veg – a ‘Corpse Reviver’?

“Carb-v is prepared from vegetable charcoal. It is best known for its seemingly miraculous ability in some circumstances to revive people or animals close to death.”

Agrohomeopathy Repertory 7

Agrohomeopathy Repertory

Agrohomeopathy – the use of homeopathy for plant diseases – is still in its infancy but here is one repertory that helps when choosing remedies for plant problems.

Studies: Homeopathy and Hay Fever 8

Studies: Homeopathy and Hay Fever

Should homeopathy be the treatment of choice for allergies? In several studies it alleviated the symptoms of hay fever and other hypersensitivity disorders.

Help! I Have PMS! 9

Help! I Have PMS!

Do you have mood swings, crave chocolate, or bloat with fluid before your period? You probably have PMS but the good news is that something can be done

Three ways we can help.