Know Your Remedies: Nux vomica (Nux.)

Common Name: Poison nut: Quaker buttons. General Information Nux vomica is prepared from the strychnine-containing seeds of the Strychnine or Poison Nut tree. Once prepared in homeopathic potencies, the remedy is non-toxic and safe for use with infants through to the elderly. Those who need Nux vomica do things to …

Know Your Remedies: Arsenicum album (Ars.)

Common Name: Arsenic; White arsenic. General Information Arsenic is a toxic chemical element, historically used as a poison. It is safe to use with infants through to the elderly when prepared in homeopathic potencies. Those who need Arsenicum are prone to hypochondriasis and are intolerant of untidiness and disorder. They …


Surgery? How homeopathy helps

Surgery may be a stressful, painful or restless time but its discomforts can be lessened with this list of remedies for the physical and emotional effects of surgery.


Homeopathic market 2016 – 2024

According to WHO, homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine with acceptance in 66 countries and a growth rate of 20-25% every year. Fabulous news, read on for more data analyses!


Research: Melanoma and homeopathy

Brazilian scientists demonstrated repeatedly in 2009 research that potentised remedies reduced and controlled the spread of melanoma tumours. But is that all?


Taking homeopathy seriously

The debate over homeopathy rages on! For those unfamiliar with homeopathy, this article by Dr Kate Whimster looks at some of the key research into it and why it should be taken seriously.


Remedies for acne

Acne is no one’s friend – it causes self-consciousness and lack of confidence, especially if you are a teenager. Look at which homeopathic remedies help settle the breakouts.

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