Why hounding homeopaths is both batty and arrogant

Jerome Burne makes an interesting point that the arguments against homeopathy can be applied with equal force against the drug examples covered in the BMJ. Read why Jerome says those who hound homeopaths are “batty and arrogant”.


“Homeopathy in particular, has helped me win back my life”

Alison was devastated by being told she would not have more children after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news is that she says that therapies such as homeopathy helped her turn her circumstances around. Read the article for the full details.


Study: Homeopathic remedies improved sleep patterns

Young adults with insomnia, who also demonstrated cynical hostility or anxiety sensitivity on personality tests, were enrolled in a sleep study to assess if homeopathic remedies helped their quality of sleep. Benefits were achieved. Read the results here.


Homeopathy in Ophthalmology

Dr Vaishnav says he has treated postoperative inflammations and infections, intra-ocular hemorrhages, post-traumatic conditions, uveitis, conjunctivitis, styes, glaucoma, keratitis and corneal ulcers with homeopathy. He then discusses his successful treatment of uveitis.


Case studies: Lots of them!

The doctors from ‘Homeopathic Healing’ have treated thousands of cases over the last 26 years and are sharing these cases with the public to improve awareness and understanding of homeopathy. Great work, doctors!


Petition: Update homeopathy at Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page on homeopathy does not accurately represent this helpful system of medicine. It has been based on misinformation, sceptic malice, and biased references. This petition seeks change.


Wiki founder against homeopathy

Back in 2013, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, vented his dislike of homeopathy on Quora. Could this be the reason for Wikipedia’s current misleading information?


Top 5 homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism

Homeopathic remedies have been used over the last two centuries for hypothyroidism. They still help people today without the risk of toxic side effects. Read the top 5 remedies for the symptoms of this condition.


Confident mothering

“In less than 50 minutes, this mum had cured her daughter without fuss. Just four tiny pills in the hands of a knowledgeable mum. A mum who wholly depended on homeopathy”. Read on for the full story about mother, child, and patient.

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