Homeopathy – The Missing Link

A documentary series to be launched in January 2016 will comprise 6 parts of a maximum length of 15 minutes with each containing interviews recorded during 2015. The following video is a pilot of the series that will contain up-to-date interviews and content from the producers.   With homeopathy involved …


Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere and this timely article by Dr Jennifer Worden discusses 4 common remedies to manage winter ailments.Read more | Comment Other Posts For Women – Breast Discomfort and Pain Psychiatrist Urges the Use of Homeopathy for Mental Health Problems “No, I won’t!” Homeopathy for malaria


Help Bill Gates save his money

Bill is funding Australian malaria research, which means he can’t be aware that countries already use quick and inexpensive homeopathy for the problem. Tell him now so he can redirect his money to other worthwhile causes. Read more | Homeoprophylaxis |Comment


Australia: Health Insurance

The Australian Government is seeking the public’s feedback on private health insurance, including coverage for complementary and alternative therapies (CAM). If you wish rebates for homeopathy and other CAMs to continue, support them in the following survey and encourage your friends to do likewise. Read more | Comment


Study: Homeopathy for ear infections

Researchers say treatment is safer, antibiotic use reduced, symptom relief accelerated, and parents need less sick leave from work. Sounds like win, Win, win. Read more | Comment


Homeopathy and the wisdom of symptoms

Symptoms are part of the body’s efforts to defend and heal itself. Homeopathy honours these efforts by mimicing the symptoms to stimulate healing. Read more | Comment


Congratulations Sierra Leone!

Sierra Leone is now “Ebola-free”, but among the unsung heroes of this Guardian article are the homeopaths who sent remedies, information and helpers. Thank you to them, from us! Read more |Comment


Pink eye no more

Conjunctivitis, sometimes called ‘Pink Eye’ or ‘Red Eye’ can be helped by one of 8 homeopathic remedies. Learn how to choose the right one for your sore or itchy eyes. Read more | Comment

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