Make and use your own homeopathic potentiser

Homeopathic remedies are easily made by hand in low potencies but this old-fashioned potentiser must have been a god-send for making the higher ones. Learn how to make and use your own.


Shingles and homeopathy

Homeopathy matches remedies to relieve symptoms. For example, different remedies, are used for the following: intense burning, pain relieved by heat, bluish blisters, itching eruptions. Read which ones, and more.


Homeopathy for vertigo

Vertigo is challenging. Imagine trying to do all your daily tasks with the room spinning and nausea. Conventional and homeopathic treatments are compared in this article.


Preliminary responses from the Helix tosta survey

“Half of respondents have said that Helix tosta produced an ‘excellent’ result with many others classifying the result as ‘good’”. Read on to see if Helix is a safe and effective method for your snail problems.


Fighting a fear of flying

Fear of flying is considered “socially acceptable” but it has a huge impact on lifestyle and enjoyment. The symptoms vary from person to person but Arg-nit is perhaps the most common remedy for it.

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