India Report: Majority Choose Homeopathy

A recent IMRB study from India revealed that 59% of people have shifted from allopathy (conventional medicine) and at least 77% believe homeopathy is the best form of treatment for long term benefits.

Know Your Remedies: Drosera rotundifolia (Dros.)

Common Names: Round-leaved sundew; common sundew. General Information Drosera rotundifolia is a carnivorous plant which traps insects by its sticky tentacles and then extracts nutrients from their bodies by dissolving them …

HRI Conference 2015 Rome

Dr Fisher discusses the ‘Biggest problem facing public health: – Multimorbidity, polypharmacy, antimicrobial resistance and adverse drug reactions He also says that homeopathy is not against vaccinations and that Hahnemann …

Homeopathy for Blepharitis

Homeopathy has a vast range of remedies available for the treatment of blepharitis. Take a look at the list of remedies that match reoccurring symptoms, a thickening of the eyelids, agglutinated lids, sunken eyes, yellow greenish mucus and more.

Study: Dental Implant Surgery

Have you just had a dental implant? This study shows positive results for the use of homeopathy in treating the pain and swelling that accompanies these surgeries. Using homeopathy hand in hand with conventional treatment can significantly increase the recovery.

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