Homeopathy and herbs for endometriosis

If you have endometriosis you know how painful it can be. Dr Ajay provides a list of herbs and homeopathic remedies to help manage this debilitating condition. Read more | Comment


Things That Irritate Me

“I’ve been seeing a homeopath myself for over ten years…most if not all of these symptoms have been healed…So why do I still see my homeopath regularly?” Read more | Comment


Child behaviour and homeopathic management

What remedy for the child who laughs at reprimands, or is fluent in languages, or who pretends to be sick? Check this list for unusual pointers to potential remedies. Read more |Comment


Backaches get better with homeopathy

While there are many possible choices for the homeopathic treatment of back pain, here are some of the most common remedies. Read more |Comment Other Posts 20th Century Performers and Entertainers Who Loved Homeopathy Politician’s Son Recovers from Eczema with Homeopathy Study: Homeopathy and asthmatic children Six Common Remedies – …

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Website of homeopathic vet attacked

A vet’s website has come under attack since he exposed the harmful (and sometimes deadly) side-effects of a drug used for allergy and dermatitis in dogs. Read more | Comment

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Governments use homeopathy for epidemics

Homeopathy has been repeatedly used for protection AND treatment during world epidemics and outbreaks. It is inexpensive, quickly distributed, easily administered and safe. Read more | Comment Other Posts Case report: Homeopathy for rattlesnake bites Homeopathic Arnica repairs sun damage Delhi Zoo Uses Homeopathy for Its Animals The homeopathic management …


Govt seeks homeopathic solution for dengue

A government official at a conference asks homeopaths for a permanent solution for the prevention of dengue. Going on past studies, it is mission accomplished. All that is now needed is political will. Read more | Comment

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