Cowpox vaccine = homeopathy

Homeopathy is often said to be similar to a vaccine, and yes, it is, depending on what is used. Dr Zamora takes us back to cowpox and smallpox to explain difference between isopathy and homeopathy. Read more | Comment Other Posts Homeopathy Plus and Fran Sheffield – misleading and deceptive …


Getting started with homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medicine “of the people”. Almost anyone can use it for minor illnesses and injuries that don’t necessarily need a doctor’s care. NCH shows you how. Read more | Comment


NHS needs more homeopathy

“It is depressing to see the interests of patients being threatened by a small posse of poorly informed and discourteous critics, who mix a little science with denigration and abuse,” reports WDDTY. Read more | Comment


Michelle, snails, and homeopathy

“When I was first asked to do this I thought, what a crazy idea! But I dropped a pill into a bottle of water and sprayed my rhubarb where the snails normally thrive, and waited to see what would happen.” Read more | Comment


Diarrhea – but which remedy?

The NCH comes to the rescue with the descriptions of 7 commonly used remedies for diarrhoea (UK spelling) plus easy-to-follow instructions on how to use them. Read more |Comment


Homeopathic approach to sunburn

Which remedies would you consider for simple sunburn or 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burns? There are only a handful – check to see if they’ve made their way into your medicine cabinet. Read more |Comment


Best remedies for paralysis

Dr Sharma lists homeopathy’s best remedies for paralysis from Bell’s palsy, stroke, Guillain-Barre’s syndrome, spinal cord injury, and for localised paralysis. Professional rather than self-treatment is advised.Read more | Comment


Study: Homeopathy for childhood allergies

75.8% of children with dermatitis, hay fever, or asthma experienced moderate or major improvement with homeopathy. At 5–10 years, 70.1% were in complete remission. Read more |Comment

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