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Study: Safer MSD Treatment

When homeopathy was added to the NSAID treatment of patients with musculoskeletal problems, they needed fewer NSAID doses and NSAID-related adverse events decreased.


Pharmacist Praises Homeopathy

Which pharmacist ended his comments on homeopathy with, “… it’s a science and an applied therapy that has helped both me and many of my patients on a day to day basis.”?


Remarkable Results

“Smoke and Mirrors’ are used to exclude patients’ experiences, says Dr Beaumont. “Patients generally are not stupid and know when they are feeling better and what has brought about their improvement in health.”


Study: Homeopathy for Chronic Disease

Over 70% of outpatients from this university hospital reported a positive difference in their wide range of chronic health problems when homeopathy was used.


Acne: Drugs or Homeopathy?

Read about 32 remedies traditionally used by homeopaths for acne, and one key remedy that helps dissolve scar tissue.


Remedies for Bed-Wetting

Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) responds to homeopathy but with so many potential remedies, how do you choose the best? Look for the one that also matches the child’s other symptoms.


How to Choose Your Pain Relief

Dr Manley gives information on treatments for pain, including homeopathic Arnica but if the list included other important homeopathic remedies it would no longer be so short and sweet.

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