Homeopathy and cancer

Dr Elizabeth Thompson explains how homeopathy provides hope and comfort for cancer patients when conventional treatments can do no more.Read more | Comment


Remedies for beauty

As homeopathy gains acceptance in the fashion industry, the ever-interesting John Benneth reports on supermodels who say it is the secret to their beauty. Read more | Comment


Homeopathy to the rescue

Homeopathy saved lives during deadly cholera, yellow fever and typhus epidemics. Records show lower mortality rates than allopathy, again and again. Read more | Comment


New homoeopathy institute in New Delhi

Exciting news! The AYUSH ministry decides to establish the country’s first All India Institute of Homeopathy. Read about this progressive plan.Read more | Comment


Homeopathy kills pets?

So say a group of ill-informed vets. A spokesman for the BAHVS called them out. He said, those who opposed homeopathy had an ‘axe to grind.’ Read more | Comment


Plans to close Scottish homeopathy unit

The unit which sees patients with chronic pain from cancer, motor neurone disease and MS had been reassured months ago by the Health Board that it was safe. Read more | Comment


Research: Remedies vs water

Want to see the difference between a potentised remedy and plain water? Look no further than common seeds in your kitchen cupboard. Here’s a test to try with cress seeds. Read more | Comment


Stone breakers of homeopathy

Gallbladder and kidney stones are painful. Dr Rafeeque provides a list of remedies traditionally used by homeopaths, and their identifying symptoms. Read more | Comment

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