Homeopathy for Acne and Skin

Did you know that secondary psychological disorders such as depression, social phobia, and anxiety disorders have been linked to acne? No matter the pimple, abscess or whitehead, homeopathy can improve the condition of your skin to restore emotional well-being.

Am I Really Improving?

The comments veterinary homeopath, Jeff Feinman, makes about the treatment of animal health concerns are just as true for us. Learn how to tell if an animal (or you) is really getting better, and the difference between cure, palliation and suppression.

Ten Reasons to Love Your Homeopath?

Homeopaths love homeopathy, but this writer thinks homeopathic consumers should also love their homeopaths – and she has come up with ten reasons why. Do you agree or should we just celebrate homeopathy?

Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

Does homeopathy have remedies for physical or psychological male impotence? Sure does. Here’s a list of some key ones, none of which cause side-effects or discomfort. Your helpful remedy may be amongst them.

Study: Parasite Infections

Yes, homeopathy treats mice (and people) troubled by parasites something already known from centuries of clinical experience. Safe and ethical homeopathic tests on humans provides information that’s much more reliable than unnecessary tests on animals.

Homeopathic Help for Shingles

Read this poem about shingles, and Dr Vaishnav’s information about this painful condition and homeopathic remedies to help. As the good Dr says, management by a qualified homeopath rather than self-treatment is recommended.

India Report: Majority Choose Homeopathy

A recent IMRB study from India revealed that 59% of people have shifted from allopathy (conventional medicine) and at least 77% believe homeopathy is the best form of treatment for long term benefits.

Know Your Remedies: Drosera rotundifolia (Dros.)

Common Names: Round-leaved sundew; common sundew. General Information Drosera rotundifolia is a carnivorous plant which traps insects by its sticky tentacles and then extracts nutrients from their bodies by dissolving them …

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