Homeopathic Disease Prevention

Epidemiological studies have shown homeopathy is effective at preventing many diseases – infectious or not. Useful remedies vary but here’s a list of key ones.

Homeopathy for Men’s Health

Men are notorious for ignoring health problems but this doctor says homeopathy has so much to offer. It helps impotence, infertility, prostate problems, a bad temper, and so much more.

Big Pharma Plots

“It’s quite respectable in all European countries, and it’s well integrated at the consultant level, but for some reason in the UK there’s a big anti-homeopathy attitude…”

Case: Coma & Homeopathy

An 81-year-old failed to regain consciousness after anaesthesia. A homeopath was called and a remedy prescribed. Read what happened next.

Interview: Homeopathy & Autism

Watch one of our homeopaths, Fran Sheffield, discuss the homeopathic treatment of autism with Elsabe Smit – it’s one of the few things that truly helps.

Homeopathy in Farming

Sally says homeopathy is fabulous for her cows, saves money, and is a credible alternative to antibiotics. She lists useful remedies for common farm ailments.

Homeopathy for Gastritis

Nausea and vomiting? Stomach pain? Bitter or sour taste? Rancid belching? This simple comparison chart shows common homeopathic remedies for gastritis symptoms.

Must Have Remedy … Glonoinum

Glonoinum is a “must have” remedy for throbbing/pulsating headaches, paleness of face, confusion, violent palpitations, heatstroke and more.

Remedies for ODD

6-year-old Owen’s episodes of rage dropped from daily to once a week with treatment. Read Dr Cain’s 6 key steps for restoring peace with behavioural problems.

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