Homeopathy for Travel Sickness

No-one wants their holidays marred by nausea, dizziness, fatigue and vomiting from motion sickness. Here are five handy remedies to keep it at bay – add them to your packing list.

Light is Shed with Just One Remedy

After years of suffering, homeopathy produced remarkable results in days for Shirley’s photophobia, iritis and eye strain. Her homeopath traced her symptoms back to the beginning.

No Resistance to Homeopathy

Strains of gonorrhoea are now resistant to antibiotics but homeopathy has been used for this sexually transmitted disease for a very long time – and without the problem of resistance.

They Keep On Selling

Be quick, this awe-inspiring film has proven popular. The Just One Drop film will run at Tuggerah on the 31st July so help us fill the theatre. Remember, the cost of each ticket is offset by a $46.95 bonus from us.

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep

Which remedy would you use for disturbed sleep from excitement or sleep problems with hyperactive or hypersensitive children? Find out with this list of remedies for poor sleep.

ED Doctor Turned Homeopath

“…homeopathy heals by increasing vitality and supporting the body’s capacity to overcome the disease state safely, gently, and permanently,” Dr Falkner said.

An Exclusive Interview

Prof Dr. Bellavite’s “search for the truth” led him to homeopathy’s doorstep. His research now avoids the use of animals, a practice homeopaths would like more widely adopted.

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