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Child with Flu

Study: Homeopathy for flu and URTI prevention

Influenza still takes a toll. The effectiveness of anti-viral drugs has been disputed and children especially have been prone to complications following an infection. With this in mind, Brazilian researchers …


Survey: Nosodes and how they’re used by homeopaths

Summary: Nosodes are homeopathic remedies prepared from disease tissues, materials, fluids or discharges. The homeopathic manufacturing process renders them safe for clinical use. A recent survey explores the variety of …


Homeopathy for malaria studies

Summary: Malaria causes significant death and disease in countries where it is endemic. Malaria parasites have developed increasing resistance to pharmaceutical drugs used to treat or prevent them. Recent studies from …


Childhood migraines improve with homeopathy

A recent observational study across 12 countries investigated the effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment and prevention of childhood migraines. The 168 children involved in the study were treated with …


Brain injury – Homeopathic help

In a 2009 study, homeopathy stimulated significant improvement in people with traumatic brain injury even when that injury was of many years duration. Patients entered the study via their rehabilitation …


A Study of Homeopathic X-ray

In contrast, this article looks at the early provings and the use of homeopathic x-ray for treatment purposes. The home point from both articles is that ANY homeopathic remedy can …

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