Alopecia and Homeopathy

Alopecia, or hair loss, may appear as bald spots on the scalp or affect the whole body. When caused by an autoimmune disorder the hair usually regrows over 3 months but sometimes the loss is permanent. Here’s a list of important homeopathic remedies for this problem.

Silver nitrate

Know Your Remedies: Argentum nitricum (Arg-n.)

Common Names: Arg-nit; silver nitrate. General Information Argentum nitricum (Arg-n.) is a remedy when emotional and gastrointestinal (digestive) symptoms dominate. The person is prone to flatulence (gassiness) with loud explosive …

Ledum palustre - cropped

Know Your Remedies: Ledum palustre (Led.)

Common Names: Ledum; marsh Labrador tea; wild rosemary. General Information Ledum palustre (Led.) is an important remedy for puncture wounds from stings, bites, or nail or thorn penetration. The affected …


Drugs in the Profession of Chiropractic

Do you know a therapist (any modality) who prescribes homeopathic remedies? If so, this article may be of interest. Without full training in homeopathy (a 3-4 year course), treatments provided will be no better than what you can achieve with a little googling.


Homeopathy for Colds and Flu

We can minimise the risk of colds and flu with simple lifestyle changes such as sleeping and eating well, and avoiding sugar but what do we do if we’ve already come down with one? Here’s list of handy go-to remedies to help.


False and Misleading Adverts

To deal with misleading advertisements of traditional medicines, including homeopathy, the AYUSH Ministry signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Advertising Standards Council of India to protect consumers from ‘unscrupulous manufacturers’.


Homoepathic for Haematuria

Blood in the urine should be always investigated but its symptoms also respond to homeopathy. Read how a 72-year-old patient with haematuria, poor memory, pale face, thirstlessness and a desire to be alone responded with great improvements to a homeopathic remedy.


Homeopathy Helps Infant Colic

It’s hard to tell who cries the most when an infant has painful colic – the child or the parents! Read which remedy helps the intensely irritable baby who only settles when carried, the one that helps when colic is better for pressure on the tummy and passing wind (gas), and more.


Remedies for Cold Sores

Cold sores tingle, itch or burn and can cause considerable pain. Read about the most common remedy taken at the first sign of tingling to stop the outbreak, a good remedy for more advanced stages when fluid is seeping from the sore, and more.

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