Homeopathy for Impetigo

Antibiotics underpin the conventional treatment of impetigo (school sores) but calls for their restriction in the face of increasing bacterial resistance means their future is less certain. Homeopathy doesn’t create resistance and is routinely used for impetigo. Read how it helps.


Musculoskeletal Research

Chronic musculoskeletal and rheumatic disorders create pain and immobility. Sufferers turn to alternative treatments, one of those being homeopathy, as a way to avoid adverse drug reactions and side-effects. But what does the research show?


Remedies for Chloasma

Chloasma mostly appears as brown or grey patches around the forehead, temples and mouth. It’s commonly associated with hormonal changes and pregnancy in women, and occasionally tuberculosis or malaria in men. Read about key homeopathic remedies for its treatment.


Proving Research

Conducts research on discovering new remedies by experimenting on healthy volunteers. What does this means, if you look at the principle of like cures like, a remedy is given to …


Homeopathic Medical Trial Design Challenges

Randomized controlled trials are such an artificial setting that it could impact on the homeopath Developing ways of reducing the impacts of the researcher on the participants – Zellon’s design …


Agrohomeopathy research

  In this video Prof Dinelli from Italy tells of his passion to use Agrohomeopathy in replace of herbicides. Obtained a Degree in Biology in 1988 and worked on herbicides …

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