Success Stories

Still having doubts about homeopathy? Why don’t you take a look at these success stories and see how homeopathy has been the light in these people’s lives. These people suffered from AIDS, liver disease, weight gain and more until homeopathy. Read their inspiring stories.

The End of Homeopathy?

In 1821, the campaign against Hahnemann and homeopathy was at its peak. The task of writing a book to discredit it was passed by a professor to one of his brightest medical students, Constantine Herring. After testing homeopathy’s principles, he abandoned the task and became a homeopath.

Remedies for Sports Injuries

Those engaging in sporting activities tend to push their bodies hard so injuries are bound to happen. Homeopathy is widely used by athletes for their bruising, aches, strains, grazes, lacerations, and more. Read which remedies, and why.

The Snooks: About Homeopathy

Curious about what homeopathy is and how it works? This brief video covers the main points and is easy enough for anyone to understand. Watch to learn why homeopathy is described as successful, natural and personalised treatment.

The Snooks: Homeopath Visit

Watch this short video that briefly explains a visit to your homeopath. One of these topics compares how a normal doctor would only be interested in the problematic body part, where as your homeopath is interested in absolutely everything!

Study: Radiation-induced Itching

Have you or someone you know just been through radiotherapy for breast cancer? If so you may be all too familiar with the severe itching that can follow. In this study, 84% of patients responded to homeopathy for this uncomfortable side-effect. Read which remedies were used.

Old Symptoms Reappearing

Often in the course of the healing process, old symptoms temporarily reappear. Why should people have to suffer this in getting better? This is just homeopathy’s way of healing the deepest of wounds. Learn more about this important part of homeopathy.

TGA Response: Comments and Concerns

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