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Osteomyelitis ... Until Homeopathy 1

Osteomyelitis … Until Homeopathy

63-year-old Ron was battling a bone infection that doctors had struggled to treat for 19 years. That struggle ended with homeopathy.

The Drug Rocket vs the Homeopathic Sail 2

The Drug Rocket vs the Homeopathic Sail

What’s the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine (or allopathy)? Here’s a metaphor that might help.

Career Saved with Homeopathy 3

Career Saved with Homeopathy

Madeleine was plagued by sinus problems - something no singer wants. She was soon back to fine form when homeopathy resolved this plus other health complaints.

Homeopathy for Max’s ‘Gelsemium Flu’ 4

Homeopathy for Max’s ‘Gelsemium Flu’

Gelsemium was successfully used during the 1918 flu pandemic in which millions, without homeopathy, died. Wondering if it can still be used today? Here's Max's story.

Brittany's Tea Craving and Flatulence 5

Brittany’s Tea Craving and Flatulence

Brittany had a problem: flatulence. It was frequent, loud and offensive. Putrid, in fact. It was described as being like mouldy tea and could clear a room.

Lack of Confidence and Learning Difficulties 6

Lack of Confidence and Learning Difficulties

Mitchell was a nine-year-old boy who hated school. Writing was difficult and concentration was poor. Homeopathy made a difference.

Brawls, Falls and Homeopathy 7

Brawls, Falls and Homeopathy

Remedies for fractures: "Brett’s face was grotesquely swollen and already black and blue from the bruising. His jaw was broken in two places and several teeth were missing..."

Four Problems - One Solution 8

Four Problems – One Solution

Beth had arthritic pain, Margaret, hot flushes. Agir was troubled by lack of purpose, and Betsy the dog had flea-bite allergy. One remedy helped them all ... but which one?

Homeopathy for Hangover and Over-Indulgence 9

Homeopathy for Hangover and Over-Indulgence

Food and alcohol - we shouldn’t overindulge to the point of digestive upsets and hangovers but sometimes it happens. Turn to these remedies settle the symptoms.