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Case Reports

Actium the Bird and His Lipoma

Actium the budgerigar had a lipoma – a fatty tumour growing on his chest. The vet said surgery would be risky and likely result in death. Homeopathy was used instead. What a result!

Reversing Autism – Alex’s Story

Alex’s Mum says, “… we could see a definite improvement after each dose, followed by a general decline just prior to needing his next dose, so we knew it was the remedy…”.

Aggressive Child

How can homeopathy help deal with an aggressive child? Some interesting information provided in this article and read how Homeopathic remedy Belladonna turned things around.

Pub Brawls and Falls: Homeopathy for Fractures

An interesting aspect of homeopathy is that the more intense and acute the complaint, the more rapidly improvement is likely to take place.  This article looks at two cases in which the pain of broken bones following pub brawls and falls was rapidly relieved.

Middle Ear Infection

There are various types of ear infections, which require different homeopathic treatments accordingly – there is no one homeopathic remedy for them all. This article shows how four different ear infections were treated, and how homeopathic treatment can resolve infections.