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Know Your Remedies

Know Your Remedies: Kreosotum (Kreos.)

Kreosotum (Kreos.) is an important remedy for menstrual and hormonal disturbances, and excoriating, acrid, offensive discharges that cause swelling and inflammation of the affected area.

Know Your Remedy: Lachesis

Do you suffer from left-sided symptoms and have a reputation for being extremely talkative with a tendency to jealousy? Hmmm – you may need Lachesis.

Know Your Remedies: Coffea cruda (Coff.)

Are you nervous, excitable, quick to act, or mentally and physically overstimulated? What about being sensitive to touch or prone to nail-like headaches? You may need Coffea.

Know Your Remedies: Coccus Cacti (Coc-c.)

Coccus cacti is a remedy for types of cough, including whooping cough, that are accompanied by thick or stringy discharges from mucous membranes. Symptoms are worse in Winter.

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