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Know Your Remedies: Phosphorus (Phos.) 1

Know Your Remedies: Phosphorus (Phos.)

Those needing Phosphorus are usually open, friendly, and sympathetic but also prone to anxiety. Physical symptoms include palpitations, goitre, ulcers, and hypoglycaemia.

Know Your Remedies: Medorrhinum (Med.) 4

Know Your Remedies: Medorrhinum (Med.)

Think of this remedy for the combined symptoms of passion, anxiety, thrill seeking, throat clearing, swollen ankles, sensitive soles, and night-time wakefulness.

Pulsatilla Pratensis (Puls.) 6

Pulsatilla Pratensis (Puls.)

This remedy suits sensitive and gentle individuals who feel worse in warm, stuffy rooms, and better in open air. Familiar? It’s also great for types of colds, coughs, hay fever, and more.

Know Your Remedies: Silicea Terra (Sil.) 8

Know Your Remedies: Silicea Terra (Sil.)

Homeopathic Silica suits those who lack physical and mental-emotional resilience. They are prone to anticipation anxiety and low self confidence, and often feel chilly.