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Know Your Remedies: Bromium (Brom.) 1

Know Your Remedies: Bromium (Brom.)

Bromium is a key remedy for problems that affect the larynx, respiratory tract, or glands. The person will be affected by warm weather and is often fair-skinned with blonde hair.

Know Your Remedies: Oleander (Olnd.) 3

Know Your Remedies: Oleander (Olnd.)

Oleander (Olnd.) is a key remedy for skin and gastrointestinal complaints both of which are worsened by acidic food. Other common symptoms include trembling and weakness.

Know Your Remedies: Lac Caninum (Lac-C.) 6

Know Your Remedies: Lac Caninum (Lac-C.)

The person needing Lac caninum (dog’s milk) as a remedy makes mistakes while writing or speaking, craves salt, spices or alcohol, and dislikes the heat. Does this sound like you?