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Know Your Remedies: Sulphur (Sulph.) 1

Know Your Remedies: Sulphur (Sulph.)

Those who need Sulphur are typically warm-blooded individuals who may have a “ragged philosopher” reputation because of their expansive ideas and lack of attention to appearance.

Know Your Remedies: Nitricum Acidum (Nit-ac.) 2

Know Your Remedies: Nitricum Acidum (Nit-ac.)

“Nit-ac pains are stitching or splinter-like and worsen with cold air, jarring or when touched. The person needing this remedy holds grudges and is dissatisfied, sensitive and chilly.”

Know Your Remedy: Lachesis 3

Know Your Remedy: Lachesis

Do you suffer from left-sided symptoms and have a reputation for being extremely talkative with a tendency to jealousy? Hmmm – you may need Lachesis.

Remedy: Laurocerasus (Laur.) 8

Remedy: Laurocerasus (Laur.)

Prepared from the leaves of Cherry Laurel tree, this remedy has been used for types of cardiac and respiratory disorders with coexisting coldness, weakness, and collapse.