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Angie's Belladonna Flu 1

Angie’s Belladonna Flu

The flu hit Angie fast. Her high fever, throbbing headache, glistening eyes, hot flushed face, and rapid onset suited Belladonna. Here’s what happened next.

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms 3

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms

“A careful study of the symptom pattern of the sick individual allows the prescriber to choose a corresponding homeopathic medicine that closely matches that pattern.”

Shilpa’s Rhus-toxicodendron Flu 5

Shilpa’s Rhus-toxicodendron Flu

What’s significant about a Rhus-tox flu? Aching restlessness, shaking, anxiety, stiffness and joint pain that improves with movement, and more.

What’s a ‘Bryonia Flu’ Like? 6

What’s a ‘Bryonia Flu’ Like?

Fever, severe headache, right-sided chills, irritability, aches and pains worsened by movement, and more. Russell’s story paints the full picture.

Homeopathic First Aid Kit 7

Homeopathic First Aid Kit

This doctor tells of her surprise and pleasure when a case of chronic middle ear infection in a young boy cleared overnight with the correct remedy.

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms 8

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms

Feeling tired and weak with a headache, sore body, cold hands and feet, chills or fever, flushed face or dry skin? Here’s a list of remedies that cover these and other flue-related symptoms.

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