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Osteomyelitis ... Until Homeopathy 1

Osteomyelitis … Until Homeopathy

63-year-old Ron was battling a bone infection that doctors had struggled to treat for 19 years. That struggle ended with homeopathy.

Brittany's Tea Craving and Flatulence 2

Brittany’s Tea Craving and Flatulence

Brittany had a problem: flatulence. It was frequent, loud and offensive. Putrid, in fact. It was described as being like mouldy tea and could clear a room.

Homeopathy & Autism – Alison’s Story 3

Homeopathy & Autism – Alison’s Story

"I have a 6-year-old daughter Alison, with Aspergers, who has been treated with constitutional homeopathy for just over a year." Here's what happened.

Testicle Showing Epididymis

Man Saves Testicle With Homeopathy

A spinally injured man with an abscessed scrotum saved his testicle when he opted for homeopathic treatment instead of surgery.

Homeopathy and Autism - Melissa's Story 4

Homeopathy and Autism – Melissa’s Story

"... she wasn’t even acknowledging my husband’s presence when he came home from work at the end of the day."

Autism - Brady's Story 5

Autism – Brady’s Story

Brady’s Mum said, "He spent his days pacing up and down the fence-line or hallway, gazing into space, tantrumming on the floor and screaming." Change came with homeopathy.

From Hippy to Homeopath: the Story of Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj 6

From Hippy to Homeopath: the Story of Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj

Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj was one of the leading voices in the use of homeopathy for plants and soil. Here's the story of his early days and progression into agrohomeopathy.

Making a case for the sweet homeopathy pill 7

Making a case for the sweet homeopathy pill

Dr Batra writes a strong article in favour of homeopathy. The following are just two extracts from what he has to say: “Consider these facts: No one has ever died […]

Homeopathy, Haiti, and Chikungunya 8

Homeopathy, Haiti, and Chikungunya

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB) is heading back to Haiti, which is still in the middle of a Chikungunya epidemic (see our article on how first-responder homeopathic graduates report they have […]